My recent book stack #4

I have not posted a book stack in such a long time. I really tried to read at least one book a week last year and it rapidly went downhill when spring was upon us. This year I have not put as much pressure on myself. I am trying to read a little more, trying to pick a book over binges on Netflix but without trying to cram in a certain number of books. I have managed to read quite a number of books since my last stack post but I won’t cover them all because some of them I enjoyed are quite frankly embarrassing books I just picked up to keep me busy. I am going to stick to my more recent books which I have read this year, all but one of them and rank them from least favourite to favourite, so here it goes.

5.Good me bad me

My Mum gave me this book after her holiday, it was perfectly timed as I had just finished I see you and was really excited to have another gripping page-turner. I am unsure of whether it was because I read these two books too close together, or the plot twist just wasn’t enough of a twist for me, I guessed it from the beginning but it wasn’t a book I finished and thought that was amazing. It was gripping, I read it in a matter of days eager to see how it unravelled. If you enjoy an easy thriller which keeps you hooked I would recommend it but for me, it felt a little basic.  

4. I see you

Similar to Good me Bad me above this book instantly gets you hooked. It is not a struggle to begin with you are instantly thrown in. The storyline was interesting, the plot is based on a woman who finds herself advertised in a Newspaper as an escort and soon realises she is being followed. In a bid to keep herself and her family safe, she works desperately with one interested police officer to try and solve where the adverts are coming from. Again I found the ending a little weak, it was not groundbreaking, I felt a little disappointed by the ending but it was a very easy read and got me fully back into the swing of reading. 

3.A Gathering Light

I don’t know what made me buy this book, the blurb was interesting but I am usually quite bad at buying books I have heard nothing about. However, I am so glad I did. This book was the perfect winter book. Curling up in bed with this book and a cup of tea gave me that perfect hygge feeling. The story was completely different to what I was expected. It followed a teenage girl in southern America growing up with her father and sisters, I think it was set around 1920s- 30s but I could be a little off with this. Mattie is given a bunch of letters from a young girl named Grace to burn whilst working at the county hotel. When Grace is found dead in the lake the next day Mattie finds it difficult to dispose of the letters, fighting the urge of what is right and wanting to know what really happened. Whilst this was a large plot in the story this book had so much more to offer covering, gender equality, race and love. Although it was a little slow to get going I loved this book.  

2. All the light we cannot see

All the Light we cannot see had been on my radar for a while so when I managed to pick it up from the charity shop I was pretty chuffed. This book took me a  little while to get into, I am sure more avid readers devour it in seconds, but everything is described so vividly so it took me a while to become invested in the characters, which is my reading flaw. Yet as soon as I did I could not put this book down, it is amazing. I would 100% recommend a read of it. It reminded me a lot of a book I read a few years ago called The Shadow in the wind, so if you like All the light we cannot see I would really recommend this one too. 

1.The versions of us

I loved all of this book. It really put things in perspective for me (I am not sure a novel usually has this much effect on someone’s life) At heart I can be my own worst enemy. Always wondering what if, What if I had stayed with that guy, been a better friend, done a different degree, tried harder at school, didn’t make that decision. Where would my life be, would it be better, would I be happier? Firstly we will never know so there is really no point worrying about it. And secondly no life is perfect, and this is what this book does. It is similar to the 90s film sliding doors, but miles better. It looks into the lives of Jim and Eva two students at Cambridge University and how and when their paths cross path their lives. I could read this book over and over.  It really helped me concentrate on my life where it is instead of always letting it wander because it is true we don’t know what will happen and who we will meet. 

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