Weekly round up

Good morning Sunday. Here we are again. I still cannot get over how bloody cold it has been this week, it has literally been worse than freezing (way to state the obvious there Jade). Whilst I whizzed through this week, I can’t say I achieved that much. I literally hibernated all week at home other than one god-awful trip to London on one of the worst days of the year. I did start incorporating a little at home yoga into my evenings and I finished painting where the new radiator is in the kitchen which I love. But really all I did was try to avoid having to leave the house. This is my weekly round up. 

Going up

Snow days and holidays – I can find our overtime system a bit of a pain in the bum sometimes. I work a few Saturdays here and there and attend events out of my core hours which means I gain a lot of extra hours I need to take in Lieu. These are in 12-week loops too which doesn’t sound like a short amount of time but it comes around so fast. At the moment I have 21.5 hours of over time acrewed in the last week, which amounts to three days off work I need to take. In a bid not too lose it I have booked some time off next week which I am really looking forward to. On Monday I still had a holiday to use from last year which I needed to use by the end of February. So I booked the day off and arranged to meet my friend for breakfast. We met at a local cafe way too early for a day off but it was so nice to catch up with her after what felt like a lifetime. It was a great feeling to be up and about so early. After that, I had an (almost) full Todhpurs office day (it was a day off after all) before walking Dougal at the farm and heading home to meet my Dad and sister for dinner. It really got me excited for my time off next week and my friend Steph visiting. On Friday work gave us a snow day. I am lucky I can walk there in a matter of minutes so I thought a whole day off was a bit extreme (until 2 pm came that was). It was nice to have a free day off so I decided to use it wisely and not feel guilty about staying in and chilling out. I did a massive clean of the house which felt so good, not rushing around with the hoover and mop. I went to the farm and made sure all the animals had loads of food and were warm enough, binged on Netflix series and even managed to finish the painting in the kitchen. Whilst the snow is driving me mad, the time off has helped me get on top of so much.

Queer eye– I am quite literally OBSESSED with this series. I had seen a few people mention how good it was so I started watching having no idea what it was about and instantly fell in love. I rattled through the series quite quickly whilst snug under my duvet. Queer eye is the most uplifting, fun, generous programme ever. It has had me in fits of laughter and in tears two minutes later. It is on Netflix and you will all love it.

Nandos Halloumi chips – whilst freezing our feet off in London my colleague Mark and I decided to have a quick Nandos before our train home ya know just in case that train broke down and I was left to freeze to death I would have a few more layers of fat on me. Whilst in Nandos I thought I would treat myself to a side to the new halloumi chips. The only one thing I would say is they are not all that chip like, more sliced halloumi, but I am not going to take anything away from them as they were absolutely delicious. The dip they come with is insane. So anyone needing some takeout inspiration this week, those dip/chips are the one.

Going down

The snow- Is there anything worse than someone using their blog to discuss the weather again? Probs not, but I am doing it anyway because this week has been HORRENDOUS. For someone who loves the outside, I had nothing more than freezing cold temperatures, strong wind, snow and worst of all ice. I really struggle to motivate myself to do anything but hide under a blanket when it is this cold. I really struggle with the guilt of the homeless out in this weather and not knowing what I can do to help other than donate, I hate that I can’t bring each and every pet we have into the house to keep them toasty. I know March is always a funny month and we are not guaranteed and early Spring but this weather really takes the mick and I just hope everyone can stay safe.

Running out of books – I finished my book this week which was Eleanor Oliphant is Completely fine. I thought it was going to be a shit chick flick but it was so good, I loved it. It was so easy to read, not too predictable, no mushy fairy tale endings I just bloomin loved it. The only problem when I love a book this much is that I cannot wait to get stuck into another and I have none at home unread. There are perhaps ones or two but I knew they were not going to fill this books shoes (I am probably giving it a little bit too much credit now) so I went onto Amazon on treated myself to a pile of new books. 

Culinary disasters – I won’t delve into this too much as it was gross, but I managed to get the top of my finger caught in a vegetable peeler on Thursday. I lost half of my nail and the skin off the back of my finger. This was the only time (apart from when I smashed my shoulder up into five pieces, true story) I felt I was going to pass out, either from pain or the sheer amount of blood. I don’t know how I did it but I will be avoiding butternut squash from now on. 


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