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I don’t need an excuse to stay in at the best of times, so when the snow hit last week there was absolutely no agenda to leave the house in the evenings. Instead, I snuggled down with popcorn some chocolate and a copious amount of tea and devoured my absolute favourites on Netflix at the moment. 

I can remember when Netflix launched in the UK, I couldn’t see how it would have take off. There wasn’t much to watch on there and I would end up flicking through choosing nothing. Fast forward a few years and Netflix is my entertainment lifeline. I love it. From brand new release movies, classic films I love, to BBC series and a massive increase in the quality and popularity of Netflix original series. There is so much to keep you busy. These are the five favourites I loved from last week. If for whatever reason you are stuck in any nights this week I really recommend devouring these. 


I am a massive series fan. I would rather a series over a film because I like to be able to dip in and out of them and know there is something to stick on when I have dinner. Netflix is amazing for this, some of the Netflix Original series has been the best series I have seen. It is always my first port of call if I am looking for something to last me a few days. These are my favourite series of late.

Queer eye

Until last week I had heard nothing about Queer eye. I certainly didn’t know it was a thing before Netflix. And then it was there on my screen every time I turned on the TV. I had nothing to do one night so gave it a go and within 30 minutes I was a mess of tears, whilst laughing through my sobs. This series is brilliant. It is a reality series based on 5 gay men travelling around southern states in America giving men whole life makeovers. Men who have grown up in towns who would usually disapprove of homosexuals and mix raced individuals. The makeover side is fun but it doesn’t take away the importance of the work these guys are doing tackling stereotypes and breaking them down. The common misconceptions and opinions many believe. I have laughed, cried recommend it to just about anyone who would listen to me. I am not a massive fan of reality tv but this is so feel good it would be difficult to not love.

Watch if you love reality TV, want something highly addictive and feel good, want your faith restored in humanity (no joke) 



This is an ITV series which aired back in 2016. I had not heard of it until this week, prompted by the launch of series two to ITV and series one to Netflix. After rattling through Queer Eye at a rapid rate I was keen to find something which could keep me equally as hooked. No reality TV was going to be able to do that, a British Crime drama was exactly what I wanted. The series is based on Marcella, a female detective in the met police returning back to work after a 12-year break. There are plenty of twists, turns and the who done it storyline for once is not given away too early.

Watch if you loved Luther, but wanted fewer scares and gore. Or love a good dose of Brit crime

The crown

I love a period drama. I don’t know if this is old enough to be classed as ‘period’ and I certainly don’t want to offend anyone but this genre is my cup of tea. Especially anything to do with the Royal family because I love them. I watched series one and I have to admit I found it a bit of a struggle. I wasn’t waiting for the next episode, I didn’t look forward to putting it on, I watched it for the sake of watching it. So when they announced the second series I didn’t take any notice until everyone begun to wax lyrical about it. At that point, I decided to give it another go and I am so pleased I did. Series two is absolutely amazing, fast-paced, witty, well made. I absolutely loved Princess Margaret and Prince Philip. I raced through the series and learned so much about the Royal Family and how they became the media fronted family they now are.

Watch if you love a period drama or have an interest in the Royals  


Yes, I know these are not groundbreaking. I am 27, not 13 and I know Netflix has sooooo many films to offer. I am not saying for one minute these are my favourite films on Netflix. HOWEVER, this weekend when I was snowed in, feeling a bit sorry for myself and wanting an excuse to stay on the sofa these two were absolutely perfect. I have seen them both before. Chalet Girl I can probably recite word for word. I AM NOT ASHAMED.  It is the most feel-good movie ever and why I have such unrealistic expectations of what I want in a guy.

Chalet Girl

I live in shock everytime someone tells me they have not watched Chalet girl. I can still remember the first time I watched it. I was at home and thought it was going to be the biggest pile of sh*t ever, by the end I was on the verge of tears because I was that bloody invested in the story. It is completely unrealistic, full of dreamy shots of Ed Westwick. It is everything I wish I could hate yet  I absolutely love it. It is that go to film I will put on if I am feeling lazy and just want to feel good. I am not going to explain the plot because it really is summed up in the title but I bloody love it.

Watch if you want a cliche chick flick which would never happen to you in a million years but you still sit there at 27 with the hope that Ed Westwick / Chuck Bass/ Jonny (did he even have a surname?) will sweep you off your feet. 

Notting Hill 

If I am ever asked what my favourite film is, whilst rattling through various genres I love, Notting Hill will get a mention. I never tire of it, I never become bored watching it and the ending will always make me teary and give me goosebumps. There are so many emotions the film touches on, it’s easy to relate to on so many levels whilst being laugh out loud funny too. As I grow older this film becomes even more relatable. It has always reminded me of a male version of Bridget Jones. I can remember my first wobble at uni, unsure if I should stay in Cardiff, I walked to HMV (throwback) bought it as a DVD and curled in all my halls bed and watched it until I felt better, and since then it has been my go-to cosy home movie.

Watch if you love a romcom with substance. if you loved Bridget Jones, Pretty Women, etc. If you are in love with a young Hugh Grant not being a knob head.  

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