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Happy Mother’s day to all you wonderful Mums who are reading this. I love mothers day, I think partly because my Mum’s birthday is in July so we are usually busy out with the horses and doing other things, whereas Mother’s day is in March when it is still cold enough to get everyone around a table and rustle up a good old roast dinner which is exactly what are doing today. 

Do you ever have those weeks where you feel it is one bad thing after another? You get up brush yourself off start a new day with a positive frame of mind only to stand up and smack your head on a cupboard door, as a nice reminder that this week doesn’t want you to be happy? That was my week. Despite the unnecessary amount of shit this week threw at me some really great things still happened and being the little positive person I am (ha biggest lie of the year) I didn’t want to dwell too much. This is my weekly roundup. 

Going up

Walk around Beacon Hill and a roast dinner with the dogs – To avoid becoming stir crazy from cabin fever the snow left me with, on Sunday we decided to go for a family walk to Beacon Hill in Leicester. I prefer this part of Bradgate park area because one there is fewer people, two it is far more dog-friendly and there is absolutely no deer. After a deer death disaster with our lurcher a few years back (it was a full on Fenton sketch) I try to keep to paths I know I can let the dogs off stress-free. We parked at our favourite dog-friendly Pub The Curzon Arms in Woodhouse Eaves and made our way along the snowy path to Beacon Hill. The walk took a couple of hours and was a lot warmer than the snowy conditions let on, then we made our way back to the pub for a roast dinner washed down with a bottle of red. The Curzon Arms are absolutely perfect for this type of afternoon, they are very welcoming of muddy dogs and muddy boots whilst not compromising the quality of food and service. It was a lovely way to finish off a snowy, cold, wintery Sunday afternoon.

Some new clothes and a big clear out – For some unknown reason my hate for shopping seemed to come to an abrupt end this week. I really wanted to change my wardrobe up a bit. Buy some pieces which I can wear to work to look smart but could be casual at home. Along with a list as long as my arm for house purchases I wanted to make. I first made my way to H&M and pick up this Blazer and these trousers. They are technically a suit although I probably would not wear them together. I was unsure on the trousers. They usually cling to places I don’t like but they are so comfy, I can see these staying for a long time. I also picked up the most Instagrammed shoes of the year, which I am unbelievably in love with and various bits for the house I didn’t really need. Usually, I feel quite guilty for shopping but it finally feels nice to have a few new things handing on my rail which are transitional. I also did a MASSIVE charity shop clear out. I was really quite brutal and sent four bags away. Whilst there is probably some more I could have sent too I feel so much better for letting go of items I didn’t need. Spring clear outs always feel so good. 

Long weekend off work – This weekend my friend Steph is staying with me on her trip over from Germany which means I have a long weekend off work. Friday – Monday of no alarms, just food, wine, family friends and catch ups and of course Mothers day. I have been super stressing making sure the house looks perfect for her so I am grateful that is all over and I can just chill out away from work for a few days. 

A week of lovely people – This week I feel as though I gave International Women’s day it’s own week. Filling it with downtime with some of my favourite ladies. Both Wednesday and Thursday I was treated to home cooked meals by my friends. Catch up, delicious food, comfy clothes and evenings full to the brim of laughter. On Monday my older sister and I had a meeting with our supplier for Todhpurs, who just so happens to be a close family friend. He and his wife hosted us at their house. Like all our meetings we did about 10% Todhpurs work 90% drinking wine and this time was no different. They managed to get through an impressive amount of wine, whilst I was driving and made my way through the cheese board. I laughed so much that evening, it was the perfect way to start the week and made me want to continue to get out the house and see people for the rest of the week.  


Going down

They say bad things come in threes

Storm damage – In my mad packed out week I needed to squeeze in varnishing the worktop in the kitchen. It is oak and I didn’t want to get any watermarks on it etc so Tuesday night I set to work not having a clue what I was doing when I noticed the floor in my brand new shiny kitchen was not sitting level. A panicked called to my mum, the plumber was on his way. Long story short the tap under the sink had frozen from the storm ( I did have the heating on but lol obviously not enough). As it thawed out it had pushed a cap off and had been dripping for days and water had pooled under the floorboards. It wasn’t the end of the World, it is fixable and I have insurance to cover it but why on earth did this never happen when I had the World’s worst kitchen?  Just extra faf for an already flat out week. 

eBay hacking – I was looking for an excuse to not going spinning Monday morning, but sitting on the phone to eBay customer services at 6:30 was not what I had in mind. Someone from Russia thought it would be fun for us all if they hacked my eBay and purchased some ‘fake’ YSL mascara. Fortunately, both Paypal and eBay were fantastic and it was sorted in a matter of minutes but the mascara had already been dispatched so it means the b*tch received them. I don’t wish anything bad on anyone, but I won’t be losing sleep if her fake mascara makes her eyelashes fall out. 

Absolute brace ache – My orthodontist has been making some final tweaks to my teeth. One of my front teeth are hindering the process entirely because it is sostubbornn and does not want to move. Lana had tried many things which didn’t work so on Wednesday she decided to try and move the other front tooth to make room so they could align. This involved the strongest wire EVER. Honestly felt as though a ton of bricks had been piled on my face. Within two hours my tooth had dropped into place which was great however it is longer than my other front tooth so  for a week I will look like I have had a drunk accident and chipped my other front tooth, A look no one goes for. Not only that the pain is unreal, more so in my ear than anything else. Whilst I am not overly thrilled about the appearance of the front tooth at the moment, I know it will be worth it as soon as they are off. It has really highlighted to many how much I disliked my teeth before as none of this can be said its for vanity reason when I look like I have stepped out of the American out back. 

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