New Kitchen – what I have bought

I thought I would give you all a break from the kitchen updates, I am sure most of you are not yet recovered from them but I am going to bore you with some of the purchases I began to make for the new kitchen. There are a few things still left to finish such as the windowsil, I need to seal around the worktop and the tiles and I need to sort the floor issue out but in all I am pretty happy with how pretty it all looks. When I had it fitted there were a few things I needed and then there were a few items I wanted to be new. One so it all matched and two because it took so much to do I wanted everything to feel new. I have only added a few purchases, I might do another one of these further down the line. There are a couple of other things I want to buy as well.  I have linked the purchases below, so enjoy!

1, Storage Jars   2, Toaster (in silver not black) Kettle and butter dish (in flint)  3, Wine rack 4, Drying rack I have a silicon mat which I bought off Amazon, this sits under this to make sure the worktop does not have any watermarks on it5. Desino print 6. Mugs left to right, 2 x next (now sold out), marble mug from HomeSense, Love mug from Waitrose, pink far right Bloomingtails mugs from Pip Studio Teacups top shelf are also Bloomingtails from Pip Studio  7. Shelf brackets 




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