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I was halfway through writing this and then I uploaded my favourites from Netflix so some of this may somewhat overlap but I thought it would be nice to tie up all the media I have been enjoying recently even if I do repeat myself a little. 


I have noticed lately a lot of bloggers are posting less written content and focusing more on youtube, insta-stories and Podcasts. It’s faster, easier to digest and subscribers can catch up whilst doing other things. I am definitely one of these people, whilst I love reading posts even I have had to admit this way of finding new products and favourites is easier. Nonetheless, I will never be a blogger who can hear their own voice recorded, I think that is why I do love to sit down and read my favourite bloggers posts from time to time. Recently I loved this from TheAnnaEdit, for someone who to me seems positive all the time, it was reassuring and relatable to know she has those down days too and the things which pick her mood up are achievable to us all. I enjoyed this post by The slow traveller, exploring the ‘perfect self’ on Instagram and how images uploaded on to the platform are perceived. I have read a few posts recently covering relatable vs aspirational Instagram accounts which I will try to share soon. I absolutely love all of Carly Rowena’s site. I am really trying to get back into my fitness and drop a few lbs, her website is so inspiring. I have also been loving reading travel blogs again such as Sophies Suitcase and The Travelista, getting me inspired to book a few more trips this year. 


I have a list longer than my arm of podcasts I want to catch up with, the only issues are if I subscribe to them on my iPhone they use up all my storage when they download. If anyone knows how to subscribe without them downloading please let me know. I do have a couple of go-to favourites which I make sure I listen to every week. These never let me down and I particularly loved this week.

Mad World – Bryony Gordon – This is the second series of this podcast, I am so happy it is back. Following on from the massive success of series one Bryony is back with a whole host of famous faces talking about their mental health. Kicking the series off with Stephen Fry it is really helping to break down the barriers that it is ok to not be ok and that mental health effects more of us than you can ever imagine. Knowing you are not alone in how you feel can help soo many so give it a go if you feel you are answering the how are you? question with ‘fine’ more often than you feel it.

The Case Files – During one of the many snow weekends we have had this year I managed to reach ultimate boredom and no longer wanted to watch TV or read my book. I curled up under my duvet and searched for another addictive podcast to fill the Serial size hole I have in my life and this did just the job. The series is based on one-off murder cases covered in each episode. The first five were unsolved murders which were fascinating but slightly frustrating having no answers, some dated back to the 1940s so DNA testing and the technology we have now was a long way off. Each episode was so gripping it definetely helped pass the hours.  

Desert island disc with Matt Smith – Having been a massive fan on series two of The Crown I couldn’t wait to listen to Matt Smith’s Desert Island discs. Growing up in Northampton, which I would class as fairly local to me I always like to see how lives of celebrities were when they were young and before they were famous. It was clear from the beginning of Matt’s podcast he was set for stardom after being selected for Leicester City’s academy as a teenager and then moving into acting when an injury meant his football career was no longer an option. I loved his discussion on his family life, his songs and his rapport with Kirsty. A definite listen if you have time. 


Elenor Ophiliant is completely fine – I will touch on this more in my next book stack but I read this book last week and absolutely loved it. My mum had purchased it as a Christmas present for me and I thought it was going to be a cliche chick flick so I put off reading it for a while but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The book is such an uplifting read and gives plenty of food for thought. 

The greatest hits  – Laura Barnett- I am only a few chapters into this book but it was an instant page turner. I purchased this on pre order because last year I read Laura’s other novel The versions of us and loved her stlye of writing. It is a book I will recommend to everyone. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of her other material, I was hoping a similar style would be present in this book as well and it has not disappointed. It is one of those books you don’t want to put down. 


I haven’t watched many films of late. I have been reading as much as I can at the minute, trying to get some early nights and to be honest other than the greatest showman nothing has really captured my attention lately. There is only one film I watched this month which I really loved and that was Goodbye Christopher Robin.

Goodbye Christopher Robin – I actually watched this three nights in a row. Time I could have spent watching other films, I hear you. However, I don’t think I would have found another I enjoyed so much. The film is based on the history of the stories of Winnie the Pooh and how they came to be. The story focused on AA Milne and his son Christopher Robin Milne who was the star of the much-loved stories. It was based on AA Milnes, journey as a playwriter come author and loosely touched on his battle with PTSD after serving in the war and his marriage to his wife. It was so insightful to see into the famous bear and how it all came to be and at what expense. There are some really important messages in the story and some interesting food for thought on how much of ourselves we now put out there online especially of children, even though this film was based back in the 1920’s. 

I have to confess I am beyond excited to see Peter Rabit with my nephew. He absolutely loves the modern series which has definitely been updated since my childhood. I love how Beatrice Potter’s charters imagined up over 100 years ago is still part of children’s childhoods. I am sure it is going to be a film for the whole family to enjoy and I know my nephew will love it. 


Again like with films I haven’t had much time to sit down and watch much TV or series. I did, however, manage to devour all of series one Marcella on Netflix a few weeks back which I covered here. Series two is now on ITV and I still can’t get enough of it. I love a crime drama and this literally ticks all the boxes Luther does without losing sleep at night. 



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