Weekly round up

At the beginning of this week, I read some sad news of the passing of someone I once knew. Whilst I was no longer close to this person and was not likely to have ever bumped into them again knowing the chance of having a conversation with them again was gone got to me a little. Knowing they had been robbed of a bright, vibrant and much-deserved future literally broke my heart yet at the same time, more than anything has before it has given me a boost to grab life for what it is. I am trying my hardest to not feel sorry for myself because I have to pay for bills when I own a lovely home when I live what many would see as a rather privileged life in so many ways. It has encouraged me to say yes to as many things as I can, to worry less about money and the future in as much of a way that would deem sensible. It has also made me reevaluate so many things, push myself to do things mentally and physically out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know this person well anymore so I am not after sympathy or kindness towards me, but I am going to make more of this year for their sake, and for their loved ones who my thoughts are with. 

This week has been very bittersweet after that news I had a week filled with family, friends and tackling things that are important to me. I decided this year I am going to run my first 10k or half marathon. For someone who has never really ran more than 2k without stopping before, whose running style and efforts were ridiculed at 15 by their own PE teacher, this is probably a little too ambitious but on Tuesday I ran my first 5k without stopping to walk, so hopefully, if I take this determination forward I can do it. I have a lovely friend-filled day yesterday and now I am heading off for one of the last Tigers home games of the season, where has this season gone eh?

Going up

James Bay tickets – I can finally talk about this now. Last week we purchased 4 James Bay tickets for myself, my sister Pip, Fliss and Niece as a birthday surprise Pip, and she now knows so we can talk about it woo. I have seen James Bay a couple of times now and I absolutely love him, he has such good energy, and his tour next year was stopping in Leicester in June so it seemed like the perfect treat for Pip’s birthday. I can’t wait for us all to go see him, I know she is going to love him as much as I do. 

Birthday Afternoon tea for My friends Birthday – On Saturday we took a trip over to Coombe Abbey hotel for afternoon tea to celebrate my friends birthday. We did the same last year, it is a lovely way to catch up, the sun light floods into their orangary and the food is delicious, not to mention the spring gin cocktail on the side. I hope we can turn this into a yearly tradition for her birthday as it always difficult for us to put the time aside in the afternoons to catch up.  

Saturday night cocktails – On saturday night full on tea, cake and gin and definitely not enough water because I had a headache all night we headed into Leicester for a few drinks for my sisters birthday. As a group we have been conscious of how much we don’t really venture into leicester any more (and I now remember why) so with one friend volunteering to drive we booked a table at 33 Cank street and mooched on over. I love a cocktial bar and Cank street is the perfect place to start, the cocktails are yummy and they are table service so you don’t have the long queues. We didn’t stay out too late but it was so nice to get a bit dressed up and catch up with everyone not in my pjs. 

A few little deliveries for me – this month has actually ended in a little spend fest for me. I have treated myself to new clothes, new books and this week I received a new delivery from Glossier, my favourite of favourites and a new shelf for the kitchen (the glamour) but I won’t apologise for being beyond excited for how nice it will look. Glossier, also sent a new sample of their perfume which I didn’t think I would be too keen on because the bottle looks a little strange but good God it is amazing. Come Monday/ Payday I will be ordering myself a bottle of this Spring/ Summer Dreaminess.   

Adding a new gym class to the week – This week I decided to start core class again on a Monday night. I cannot believe I have managed to get into a routine with Spinning and Yoga so well. I like having classes in my week which I look forward to attending. Core class was a great boost to add to my Yoga and definitely got me working. I went with my sister too so it was nice to have a joke together at how uncoordinated we both are compared to others. 

Family Friday- This post is very birthday orinentated and I am not going to apologise. As Friday was my sisters birthday we had everyone round to my Mum’s house for our Traditional birthday tea. I don’t know when these started but it is the part of birthdays I look forward to the most. Mum always goes a little ott on the buffet, there is gin, cake and a varied number of family and friends who just come and go when they can. Friday was lovely, and set me up for a very foodie weekened. 

Going down

Constant house admin – I am not moaning about my house, but does anyone else’s house seems to fall apart bit by bit like a domino run? It is one job after a-bloody-nother and I would just like to live in warmth and peace for just a little while

And the lack of spring– This time last year I was getting ready to Jet off into unsuspect spring sunshine in Prague with some absolute favourites. Whilst scrolling back through photos of last year – I do this a lot. I couldn’t help but notice how much nicer everything was by this time last year. The hedgerows had started to colour, the trees had buds on them, everything felt as though it was coming to life, and we are still embracing the snow. I hope this means we will have a sunshine-filled summer. 



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