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Happy Easter, how lovely is it to have a long weekend off work with all the family, and thankfully no snow? Praying my Mum has remembered my Easter egg so I can spend an afternoon snuggled under a blanket watching some films and scoffing allll the chocolate. I went into this weekend with no plans. Instead of trying to pack my diary out like I usually do I was going to try and tick off the boring life jobs I avoid doing when I use ‘im always working’ as an excuse. Thankfully, as per my days were filled up quickly with days out and impromtu visits from friends and this afternoon I am off to see Peter Rabbit with my nephew. This week got off to a pretty good start, sunday I went to the rugby with my Dad and a friend of mine joined up last minute. The sun was shinning, by the end of the game I was in a Tshirt, sun glasses, sipping on cider and we won. Was there a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon? It definetly put everything in good stead for the rest of the week. 

Going up 

Bank Holiday rest – I don’t think there is a person living who doesn’t love the easter bank holiday (unless you are working then, opps sorry). Easter is my favourite I think because its lighter, you get the odd bit of nice weather and its the first time with your new spring motivation you have time to get on with things. I went into this weekend with relatively no plans apart from a few alarmless mornings and a couple of runs and riding scheduled in but some how in me style managed to pack it full of seeing friends, afternoon outs in my favourite corners of the world, family and scoffing yummy food. I hope by Tuesday I feel well and truly rested especially as I only have a three day week at work. Come to think of it I don’t think I have any full weeks at work throughout April, woo! 

After work rides in the sunshine – Wasting no time on Monday I went straight to the stable yard to take Rooney out riding after work. With the sun still shining and the wind chill gone it was the perfect first spring ride after work. I am looking forward to a spring and summer filled of after work rides and cuddles with all the favourite ponies. It is amazing how uplifted you can feel after a few hours of screen-free time in the nicer weather, isn’t it?

Running Goals – I mentioned last week I have set myself some running goals. Breathing wise they are getting easier, it no longer feels as though someone is standing on my lungs when I run 200 yards but mentally it is hard work. I have managed to get myself out of that ‘run until this point’ rut I was in before. I am now easily if not a little too slowly running 5k without stopping. I even managed an 8k run around draycote water today without stopping. I did try to take Dougal with me on Wednesday which was an absolute disaster and won’t be repeated until I am a lot better. I am really enjoying achieving something I never thought I would be able to do. Starting a new exercise which challenges and pushes me whilst getting me out in the fresh air has given me a little boost of self confidence I needed.

In the country magazine – For anyone who knows me, it is a well known fact when I like something I wax lyrical about how good that thing is. My friends always say is this a Jade plug and I am conscious I do this quite a lot but when something is really good I can’t help but want to share it. This week I purchased my first In the country magazine and loved it. Hollie who is only 22 (makes me feel so ancient) started selling the magazine only last year and I cannot believe how much I loved it. I came across the magazine in a group we are both part of for small upcoming equestrian businesses and have wanted to read it ever since. I have shied away from print lately because a lot of the well known magazine’s I used to love have now becoming so lacking but this couldn’t be further. What other print lacked In the Country gained. It was so inspiring and motivational especially for small country businesses. I have already put the subscription on my birthday list. Give them a follow on instagram here. (This is not endorsed in anyway I just really loved it).  

Going Down

Bank Holiday rain – I know we expect rain to drown us out over the bank holiday, but I can not be the only one hoping a slither of last sundays sunshine would grace us over one of the four days this week? 

Garden looking like a Jungle – Does any other homeowner completely abandon their garden in winter and then wonder why on earth it resembles a jungle come April. Wondering how you are going to get the lawn mower through the grass. Trying to figure out if you left it for another month or two could you cut it for hay, would I get any money for it? After a few sunfilled mornings, I have flung open the patio doors expecting to be able to bask in the sun until I leave for work but the garden is in complete disarray. I need to put some time aside over the next few weeks to get thinks neatened up. 

Saying goodbye to mini eggs– Are we all ready for their departure? It feels only a moment has passed since they started lining the aisle of supermarkets for our post Christmasmas blues. Another 9 months of no mini eggs or hot cross buns, I am unsure how I am going to cope. 


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