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I know I often class myself as a blogger when it comes to # on Instagram but in the grand scheme of what real bloggers are these days all I can really call myself is someone who enjoys rambling on WordPress. I am not doing myself an injustice I just do not have the time or the desire to make my blog as glossy and polished as it needs to be these days.

Anyway moving on. At the beginning of the year, maybe the end of last year you will have noticed the beauty and skincare giant Glossier finally launched in the UK and we went crazy for it. No longer were we asking anyone who crossed over to US shores to bulk buy us anything that had recently been released. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of their products. They are cruelty-free and designed for the ‘no fuss’ approach to products. Emily Weiss is the brains and founder behind Glossier, many of you may remember from the Hills and then from her Blog in the Gloss. She launched Glossier a couple of years back in the US and since then has been an international success. I have always been conscious from reading reviews there are some products which are worth the hype and some products for reasons didn’t agree with people or there were already better and cheaper products already available. After watching a few vlogs my favourite was Fleur de Force and The Anna Edit. I whittled down the products I really wanted to buy. I have ordered three times from Glossier now, these are the Glossier products I would recommend buying, from a non-blogger who hasn’t been sent any products, who begrudges spending money on anything makeup related.

Milky Jelly Cleanser – I  have waxed lyrical about this cleanser since I bought it. I always make sure my make up is removed but the idea sometimes fills me with dread. #firstworldproblems. I use this as my first cleanser because it literally lifts everything. I rub it straight on my face, splash some water and remove with a warm flannel and my make up is removed. It leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and soft. It is scent free, and not harsh in any way. I don’t have sensitive skin so I am fortunate I can try anything I like but this is so gentle and soothing if you do struggle with the harsher removers I would give it a go.

Balm dot com – This is the Glossier product the world raves about, at first I was dubious it is only lip balm at the end of the day but my god I love it. I use this product as I would use Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. When I was younger lip balm and hand cream were two products I couldn’t understand why anyone needed them, fast forward 10 years they are now the only two products I keep in my bag. I love a good lip balm, especially as I wear lipstick and want my lips smooth and hydrated all the time. I love this, it is clear, it’s not sticky, and it works so well, it actually works to hydrate instead of drying. It does have a slight shimmer to it but I like that. I have bought this in birthday for two friends now as I think they’re really cute and birthday smells of cake, and who doesn’t want nice lips whilst remembering how good cake smells like?

Boy Brow – Boy brow was the first product I had heard of from Glossier. It was in one of Liv Purvis’ vlogs. I noted it down and after that, it was the only brow gel I heard about. This is Glossiers best seller and I fully understand why. I don’t do much with my eyebrows, I have them threaded twice a year and I dye them myself. The glamour. But this little gel is a dream. The applicator is small so it can really give them some shape and it has real staying power. I struggle to decide between brown and black as I like dark eyebrows but to be safe I went with the brown and it was a good match as it gives them real definition and they don’t budge. This product was only £14 which I thought was reasonable compared to other competitors so will 100% keep buying it. I also bought it my sister so I have a lot of confidence in it.

Perfume – I had no urge to buy this perfume. I didn’t like the bottle, it just didn’t make me think, ooh that looks like a nice perfume. Standard judging a book by its cover. I like my Jo Malone’s but this came through as a sample and with one spritz I knew I had to have it. It is so fresh and fruity. It smells like Spring and Summer in a bottle. I love wearing it and catching how good it smells. I was after a new perfume so the little sample arrived just in time. This is the second time a free perfume sample has resulted in me buying it. 

My next purchases: the next products I am desperate to try is the stretch concealer, the priming moisturizer rich, The Moisturizing Moon Mask, The consensus is that this is the better mask out of the two. I like a mask which is zero faf, I don’t have to time and one which will hydrate my skin, this seems to tick all the boxes and many don’t even feel the need to wash it off they just let it soak in. These three products have also recevied glowing reviews whereever I look so I cannot wait to try them.

What else I want to try: The cloud paints, these are a blush in a cream formula which I think will work really well with my skin. I find powdery blush doesn’t have the pigment I need to keep the colour on my skin. The highlighter, I want in two colours the Quartz and the Topaz. The glossier jumper because I am such a marketers dream and they look so comfy. I have read a few reviews who didn’t like the daily sunscreen invisible for various reasons but I love the idea of this product. I try to ensure SPF stays in my routine but I can find many thick, clogging and a bit of a faff, I love that this is a clear liquid which soaks into the skin leaving it protected. The Generation G Lipsticks, many rave about these lipsticks and the pigments look very nice, most reviews favouring cake as a natural nude. Price wise they are similar to Mac and fully cruelty-free with an application similar to Nars.  

What I would stay away from: After reading and watching many reviews there were a few products which I didn’t feel the need to try. These were the serums, many said they were ok, even good but not as good as The Ordinary and not as affordable as them either. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack face mask always seemed a bit meh, I have clay masks and whilst I see benefits I can never really be bothered with them and a lot said there were better already available. The Soothing face mist looks and sounds nice but not really needed in my day to day routine. The lip gloss, many love this product but shiny lips are just not for me. And lastly the perfecting skin tint, for reasons, only that the ordinary do the foundation and serum foundation and if I need something with a light coverage I would either choose them or a CC cream.

I haven’t covered all their products, and I have only tried four of their products so far so you will be able to find much more in depth reviews elsewhere. But these are what I would buy as a non-makeup junkee looking for a cruelty-free, simple and easy to use cosmetic brand. They are a brand I really recommend and love wearing. 

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