My Weekly Round up

Good morning Sunday. I am waking up today, probably very hungover as I am in Cardiff for my lovely friend’s hen do! I have been here since Friday and love nothing more than escaping Leicestershire for my favourite Welsh city, to be with my favourite Welsh girls. This week whizzed by as I only had three packed days in the office, another lie in Friday morning was just what I needed to look forward to on Tuesday morning when my alarm was buzzing and the thought of getting out of bed filled me with dread. This is my weekly round up. 

Going up 

Pip’s Macarons – I am always a little worried about naming people in my blogs in case they don’t want to. But Pip is much shorter than ‘my sister’ so unfortunately Pip your name is getting a shout out. My sisters are talent stealers. My older sister is incredible at DIY and decorating etc. Making things look pretty and just all round creative flare-ness. My younger sister Pip got the baking gene, there is nothing she won’t give a go. For someone who loves a lazy day, she is so patient when it comes to the baking she does. Anyway recently she has started making macarons, for anyone who knows me macarons are my absolute favourite food. They would be my last meal, my wedding meal, honestly, wherever I go I will find macrons, so when last week on two separate occasions I was left two boxes of homemade macarons you can imagine my joy. They were all salted caramel, she had even made the caramel sauce herself and so wonderfully tasty she could sell them. 

Rattling through books – Last year when I set myself a goal to read more I got nowhere. This year I managed to rattle through 4 books in 4 weeks. I have been reading more and watching tv less and absolutely loved it. I have been more mindful of the books I have chosen and how they make me feel and therefore been left feeling a lot more uplifted. I am reading when I get into bed and therefore sleeping much better. They have all been really great books too, is there anything better than a page-turner you can’t wait to get home to read? 

Lovely message from a friend – On Tuesday night, out of the blue my friend sent me the nicest most uplifting and far too flattering message I have ever received. I think my post on my anxiety made a few friends worry which was not the intention. I just like writing without thinking of consequences. However because of the post my friend went to town on this message and whilst I probably didn’t need my ego massaging that much I was beyond grateful for her words. It is important to be kinder on ourselves and look at ourselves how an onlooker would. They were all words I say to her but I would never be that kind to myself, funny what we do to ourselves isn’t it?

A trip to Cardiff – as the above mentioned I have spent three days of this week in my favourite second home. I love getting away to Cardiff mainly so I can catch up with my lovely bunch of friends who all live down here. Made even more special as Amy is getting married this year! I can’t believe how much has changed. 


Going down

ASOS delivery which I hated – with a weekend packed in Cardiff I wanted a couple of nice new items to wear to make me feel a bit dressed up. Over the weekend I filled my ASOS basket with a few items. They have arrived and I hate them all, it is not ASOS fault I struggle to find clothes I like when I am shopping and I always end up trying on so many sizes so online shopping is always so difficult. It has definitely put me off online shopping for a while longer. Back to raiding the wardrobe and wearing whatever I already own, Sorry girls. 

Tuesday morning alarm – Despite waking up early every day over the bank holiday, did anyone else want to cry into their pillow Tuesday morning when their alarm started to ring?

Running draining my phone data – Mainly because I am too stingy to pay for Spotify, and then Map my run I guess I don’t really need, but the combination of them both on for an hour isn’t doing my phone bill any favours. I feel I might need to bite the bullet and just see if they can up it for me, does anyone else have tips to get around this without paying for Spotify?

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