My recent book stack #5

This month I treated myself to some new books. After reading Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine I didn’t want to lose that feeling of getting into bed and reaching for my book so I ordered some more from Waterstones. I have to admit I choose them all because they were all a bit more upbeat than my last book stack and I guess a little more meaningful. I wanted books I got something from instead of just a page turner for the sake of reading. I am happy to say I have rattled through them fairly quickly and enjoyed them all I would almost say equally. I usually share five books in these posts but I have reached the point whereby I don’t have anything left to read at home so need to go out and find some more and I don’t know when I am going to have time so for now these are the four books I read in March. 

The Greatest hits I read Laura Barnetts The versions of us last year and loved it. I would read it again and again if I could. There is something about the way she sets the English countryside which makes me feel so nostalgic. It is one of those books you can see being turned into a film and how beautifully it would be made. Anyway, The Greatest Hits was on preorder and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The story follows the life of Cass Wheeler and Priest’s daughter with a dream of becoming a singer. The book is set from the 1960s to present day and follows 16 of her great hits and the period of her life the song relates too. Like the versions of us the book paints England in the sun bask spring days which makes you remember days so fondly. The music reminds me of my childhood with mention of The Beatles, Motown, The rolling stones and Pink Floyd. It was a book I couldn’t put down but didn’t want to end either. I would fully recommend as a summer read.   

Conversations with friends – I don’t know how this even landed in my basket. It was either a Waterstones recommendation or I saw it on another blog but I knew nothing about it until it arrived on my doorstep. After finishing the Greatest hits, I didn’t want to waste any time getting stuck into a book and I had not needed to worry about this one. I devoured it over the Easter weekend, eager to pick it up whenever I had a spare second. The narrative is based on Frances, a 21-year-old college student in Dublin, and her relationship with her best friend, ex-girlfriend and a married couple she becomes entangled with. I really enjoyed the style of writing Rooney used. It was very conversational which made me feel connected to them as though I was there with them. The characters were so relatable in a refreshing manner, in a way I had never read before. Whilst they probably were not the nicest characters you could understand their point of view and picture yourself in a similar situation (in some parts at least). I  have put this book second because there are some topics in the book which wouldn’t appeal to all. The style I loved but it is not a book I could see everyone enjoying like The Greatest Hits but I could not put it down. I felt everything Frances felt. When I finished the book I considered reading it all again it was so intense. Rooney who is only 27 I still can’t believe could write something with so much substance. I would definitely recommend giving it a read. 

 Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine – I have mentioned before I had zero expectations about this book, even though it was the most Instagrammed book since the little book of Hygge was published. I thought it was going to be a bit of a chick flick, girl meets boy the type of book I hate but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This book was amazing, funny in parts and so real in others. A true you don’t know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes and an important story to remember to not judge someone because of what is on the outside. There were some shallow parts but I think it summed up society well and I really enjoyed reading it. It made me want to stick to more uplifting books than the typical thriller/ murders I usually pick up, which actually lead me to order the Greatest Hits and The Keeper of lost things. 

The Keeper of lost things – This book had been in my Amazon basket undecided of whether to buy it or not. I have to admit I was drawn in more by the cover but the blurb did sound rather interesting. I read this book in a day, it was a real page turner if not a little bit too cliche. I did really enjoy it but found it a little predictable and nothing groundbreaking. It is a lovely book though and perfect if you want something to pack to take away with you. 


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