Weekly round up

Weekly round up

Happy Sunday, for the next few weeks, be prepared to be bombarded by photos of me in Edinburgh, I was there for about 19 hours but you know photo op. Today my lovely friend Fliss is running the London Marathon so I am currently en route with my sister and Niecey ready to cheer her and many others along. I  am so proud of her efforts, I don’t think  I would ever be able to get my head around such a challenge. But I am really looking forward to a day in London, away from home and all that. This week was really rather busy. I flew to Edinburgh on Monday to run an event on trauma- working with critical incidents, whilst it was quite heavy hitting and left me feeling a bit overwhelmed I was really pleased with how well it went and enjoyed a bit of phone free downtime on the flight home. This is my weekly roundup:

Going up 

EdinburghWalking up Arthur’s seat – As you will probably be aware from Facebook and Instagram on Monday afternoon I flew up to Edinburgh with work to run an event. I have been working at the same company for 5 years now. I have lost count at the cities I have visited and events I have run. I am quite an active person and love exploring Cities, but some events we can just fly in, run the event and leave again which is a pet hate of mine. This year I decided to try and tick off one touristy part of each city I visit, starting with Edinburgh. We didn’t pull up to our hotel until early evening on Monday so I was concerned my plan of walking up Arthur’s seat with colleagues was a little ambitious. The website said it took two hours, I had told Grace it would take 45 minutes so we got a move on and grabbed a taxi over to the park. When we started we thought Arthur’s Seat would be located on one of the smaller hills, and naively I believed there was going to be a seat there to rest my legs. We managed the whole climb, I would rather run 10K daily than climb those steps again but for the views, it was well worth it. Being outside having a stroll filled with laughter is really all that anyone needs. It put me in the best mood. Seriously jealous of anyone who has this view on their doorstep. 


Sunshine – I couldn’t write this post without mentioning the sunshine, could I? After what was the wettest, worst winter we have had since 1947 – true fact – I couldn’t be happier to see blue skies and feel the heat on my skin. I put my yellow coat away and grabbed my Birkenstocks, adamant I was going to make the most of this lovely weather. Hopefully, it will continue as it finally feels like Spring doesn’t it?

Family friends – I have been looking forward to this week for so long as our lovely friends from California have finally arrived here. I absolutely love seeing them so having them back in Leicester for a few days was absolutely perfect. I am heading down to London next week to meet them for the Rock Tour at Abbey Road which I cannot wait for. Hopefully one day soon I will be able to save enough to pay for my flights to go see them. 

Time off work – Because I get time in lieu as event season heightens it feels as though I am out of the office more often than I am in this time of year. The amount of comments I receive about whether I work or not is ridiculous. Anyway with this sunshine, I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to use some over time and get out and enjoy some work-free time. Due to the nature of what I do, not only is it stressful but the content can often be hard to digest I find it really important to get some time away and spend time doing the things I love. Made so much easier when the weather is this nice.

Going down

My dog grooming skills – In a bid to save money, now realising somethings are worth paying for. I decided to give Dougal a clip myself. Having never clipped anything but a horse I didn’t know you could use guards to decide the length of the fur. I now have a fully skinned/ naked dog. He loves it, he is no longer panting in the house, or constantly itchy but he doesn’t look good. He actually looks like a naked mole rat or Sphynx with a furry head. I saved myself £30 though and hair grows right? 

Having to go to the office when it is sunny – I am all for working, I do love going into the office but on our limited sunshine filled days, I do believe we should adopt a 3 pm finish AT LEAST so we can soak up all that vitamin D we are deprived of for 99% of the year, who is with me?


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