Adult braces at 27 #7 – They’re off

MY BRACES ARE OFF! I never thought this day would come. Rather daft because the whole reason for my braces was to have beautiful pearly whites which is what I have got now and it all feels so surreal.  11 months and 14 days since they were fitted, not that we were counting eh? My braces have now been removed. Six months may have been a little optimistic looking back perhaps, but I wouldn’t have changed the process.  

I didn’t know what to do with this post, although I have not posted a lot, over the year I have tried to cover as many aspects and experiences of my year with braces as I could. Firstly to document it all for me but mainly to encourage anyone in a similar position filled with any doubt to make the leap and get their braces fitted. I have said many times, it wasn’t easy for me. As a single girl (should I be calling myself a woman by 27?) in her mid to late twenties, it wasn’t something I went into without my concerns. I guess from movies etc the stereotypical outcast, undatable, geeky female was always seen with braces and whilst more people my age have them now than ever before it still didn’t shake away all the fear that was how I was going to be perceived. I didn’t need to worry, most of the time people didn’t even notice I had them on. I never shied away from the fact I had them fitted and could always make any issues of having braces light-hearted. Honestly other than not being able to eat carrot sticks they made zero difference to my day to day life and they have changed so much for me. 

I feel as though I have covered as much as I can about my braces so this is just going to be a quick summary from a point of view of someone who has reached the finish line, for any of you who are just about to embark on it. Remember these things

This is for your future self – It will be daunting and nerve-wracking. You will worry about the pain, there will be a concern you will never be able to chew again and anxiety over how they will change things for you but just remember you are doing these for your future self. Keep the finish line in sight and remember what you want to achieve from your braces and you will be on the right track. 

Don’t worry about what others do and concentrate on yourself – I wrote a little post here on why you should not compare your braces to others. Following other accounts on social media who are having similar treatment is a great help but just remember everyone’s treatment is different and don’t become dishearted if yours takes longer. 

Save before you get it done – Again everyone is in a different financial situation and there are many treatments where they will put together a finance plan for you. I found saving for mine helped. Putting aside that money made me realise how much I really wanted my braces because the £3k I saved could have been spent on the holiday to America I have always wanted to do but it wasn’t enough for me to want to dip into my braces savings.

Be proud of yourself – Be proud of yourself for doing it. Having braces is not easy, there are the obvious struggles but you will always have people asking why you have got them? When they are coming off? etc etc. Braces, even though they are becoming more popular are not the obvious treatment to go through in your late 20s. Be proud that you are doing something to make yourself happier. 

Do your research – Lastly, do your research. There are so many different orthodontic treatments out there. They are all different and range in price but you will find one for you. Put your research in. Visit different places, don’t feel guilty if you choose to book a treatment with a different orthodontist. You need to find a dentist you are happy and comfortable with and most importantly trust to do the best job.  

I wanted to say a big Thank you to Jones Dental Care. They really have been the most wonderful, helpful bunch. All the staff there have made this process so incredibly easy for me. 


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