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This week has been BIG. I have been in and out of the office and genuinely feel more tired being away from work than I would have felt working a full week. I have packed every second of this week out doing something. Utilising every smidge of time doing something I love. It has been such an incredible few days. I can see this being one of the best weeks of this year for sure. I have definitely welcomed a rainy weekend for some downtime, a long lie in and no excuses to get in the gym.  I have loved this week so much I have kept the going down section out of and just covered the things I have loved so enjoy.

Going up 

Watching the London Marathon – Although this actually took place last week I wanted to add it in because it was ABSOLUTELY FRIGGING AMAZING. I didn’t run it, obviously, but I did as mentioned last week go to watch and cheer on my friend Fliss. My school friend Tom was also running it so it was nice to be able to give him a cheer and receive a nice sweaty hug as he passed us at mile 13. I can’t believe I have never been to watch the marathon before. The atmosphere was so uplifting, the sun was shining, the temperatures were soaring, I did really feel for anyone running because standing still in the sun was a little unbearable but everyone did so well. It was so overwhelming to think that all their efforts had raised thousands if not more for such amazing causes. For anyone who took part on Sunday, you should be beyond proud of yourself. After watching it, it is a challenge I would never be able to get my head around. 

Braces off – The week continued in good stead when Tuesday I finally had my braces removed. It had been so long I began to wonder what my teeth looked like. I am beyond happy with the results. The removal didn’t hurt half as much as I thought it would. I am so proud of myself for going through with them. It is definitely the best thing I have done for myself and my confidence. 

London for a few days with amazing people – Mid week I took a trip down to London to spend a couple of days with our friends over from America and my Aunty. I met them after work at Coppa Club for an amazing meal. I have wanted to go to Coppa club for AN AGE so I was so pleased to hear they got a reservation there. I stayed at their gorgeous two-floor apartment in Marylebone which they got on Airbnb. The apartment was so cute and in the most perfect of locations. After a nice sleep, and a lazy morning we made our way to the breakfast club. With a queue outside at 10:30 on a Thursday (why were these people not at work) we dived into the cafe over the road for an incredible breakfast. Then after a wander up Oxford street where I kept my eye out for some new summer pieces, we headed down to where we were starting our London Rock Tour. I had no idea what to expect on this tour but it was INCREDIBLE. We were on and off the bus for three hours but it went so fast, we were so lucky the sun shone and we learnt all about The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bowie, Pink Floyd etc. The highlights were definitely stopping at Bill Wyman’s restaurant filled with Rolling stones memorabilia and seeing the famous zebra crossing outside Abbey road and snapping a quick photograph of us all. It was the best few days, I was well and truly spoilt by the nicest, most genuine people I could have ever known. They have such a positive, uplifting energy, I left feeling like the best, happiest version of myself. They shower you with compliments so from now on, I am going to try to #beabitmoreAmerican and tell people when they look super cute.  I am so grateful for 50 years plus of family friendships, three generations later we still have an amazing time together. 

Last Tigers home game – This should probably be in a going down section because it wasn’t the result we wanted for the last home game of the season, actually it was all rather disappointing. After the awful result against Saints at home a few weeks back there was hope that the team would give us the comeback against the Falcolns to get us into the play offs. Despite what has been said, whether it was the Refs fault or not at the end of the day we couldn’t beat them and that was that. It was a rather damp and miserable end to the season and I have to admit my sportsmanship isnt there enough to have stayed to clap them out, it is something I need to work on lol. But at the end of the day I have spent the last two seasons sitting with Dad cheering the boys along getting to grips with a game my Dad has always loved and I wouldn’t change that. 

Iced chai lattes I cannot stop drinking these! Anyone else totally obsessed with Iced lattes this ‘summer’?

And that is an exhusted wrap from this week. Looking forward to a lazy afternoon/ evening with my Grandma. Hope you enjoy yours. 



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