Five things I am looking forward to this summer

Ok, so I know May has just begun and we are only in Spring. Under no circumstances do I want this year to speed by any faster than it already is but I have to admit I am feeling rather excited about this summer. Along with plenty of friend filled nights, BBQs (we can dream right), beach walk with Dougal and co,  long rides out on the horses in just a T-shirt, and tanning myself in the garden these are things I have planned in for this summer which I am rather excited for.


As with any summer when you reach this age it begins to fill up with weddings and Hen dos and I love it. Is there anything more uplifting than a wedding? This summer three of my friends are getting married. One of which I am bridesmaids for. The first is in Ireland, I am flying over for a long weekend with my sisters, Mum and Grandma which will be so much fun. I have heard the Irish do weddings very well so I am excited about experiencing a wedding in another Country. The second is my Friends Amy and Karl’s in Cardiff. I lived with Amy at University and have seen their relationship go from first dates all the way to their wedding day, it is going to be an amazing day back with my uni house girls, I am eager to see Amy walk down the aisle especially as I have refused to see her dress before the big day. Last but not least is my lovely friend Catherine who is marrying her girlfriend Beth on the first weekend of September. I am a bridesmaid for this wedding so the pressure is on a little. I want the day to be perfect for them both. Putting my nerves of being a good bridesmaid aside, I cannot wait to watch these two tie the knot. Again I was there when they first started dating so to see them marrying each other really does make me believe this whole relationship thing can work. It is going to be a summer filled with yummy food, champagne toasts and lots of new incredible memories. 


I cannot mention summer without mentioning my birthday (what a shock) But with my birthday falling in June it is hard to not get excited about plans. I make no secret of the fact I love my birthday, but I love it because it is the one time of year I get to have all the people who mean a lot to me together. It is also an opportunity to go and do things I have wanted to do in the year. Last year I was so lucky with the heatwave which fell over my birthday, it meant I was really able to drag it out much to my sister’s despair. This year I am probably going to keep it a little more low key as I have so much going on in June, but I still can’t wait to make a few celebration plans with my nearest. We also have my Grandma’s 80th this year. I have been busy working away to ensure she has the best weekend an 80-year-old lady can ever have. We are having a marquee at my Mum’s farm, these parties, no matter what the occasion always get wildly out of control so I cannot wait. And then finally it is my Mum’s birthday. My Mum takes birthdays very seriously so I always like to make sure we make an equal fuss of her so hoping for some more sunshine and celebrations when I am back from Ibiza. 


I don’t have many holidays planned this year, I wanted to squeeze in a few more city breaks October time but I am going to book to go to California for next summer, hoping to book my flights by Christmas so I have decided to rein them in and save for a big trip next year. This June, however, I have my friends Hen do which is going to be amazing but unfortunately can not disclose any more information in case she reads this, then I am flying out to Ibiza for a week with my girls. We have booked an apartment on Playa d’en bossa, the location looks incredible. Whilst I am probably not the biggest party girl you will ever come across, I am beyond excited to explore the Island, enjoy some beach clubs and sit by the pool with a few mojitos in hand. Once back from Ibiza I am heading over to Ireland for the wedding mentioned above. We have booked accommodation in a little place called Adhere just outside Limerick. We are flying into Dublin on the Friday, having a little bit of time to explore the city (hopefully without a sickness bug this time) before driving down to Limerick. It is only girls from the family going, so I am excited to explore more of Ireland with them all as I have only been to Dublin and Belfast before. 


This year I wanted to make sure I saw more live music. I love going to gigs, seeing my favourite bands live but despite signing up to every newsletter it can be really hard to remember to buy tickets. This year, we have managed to get our hands on tickets to see the Rolling Stones at The Ricco arena in Coventry. My mum is a massive fan of the Rolling Stones, so much so I was named after Mick Jaggers daughter (true story) she has seen them many times before but this will be my first, and probably last as they weren’t cheap. The whole family are going, it is going to be a great night of drinking, dancing and singing songs at the top of my voice. Then the same week, tieing in with my sister’s birthday present we booked tickets to see James Bay at De Montfort Hall in Leicester. I have seen James Bay a few times before and he always gets the crowd going so I know he won’t disappoint. It has really given me the bug to get more gig tickets booked this year. 

Long evenings 

Last but not least the one thing I truly appreciate in the summer every year is the long evenings, having a life outside of work. I know not every evening is going to be sun basked but it does wonders for my mental health knowing at 5pm I can go and enjoy the things I really love. There is time for riding, for running, dog walks, al fresco dinners with friends, drinks in beer gardens. Some of my fondest memories are sitting around a table, outside, putting the world to rights with my friends as the sun goes down. I am going to make sure this summer I make the most of my time in the evenings. 


What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

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