6 reasons why you should buy from Glossier

The cult beauty brand finally launched in the UK back in October 2017. The much-anticipated brand sparked international hype with their no-frills, make-up and skin care range to cater for ‘all’. From my first product, I knew I would be hooked on Glossier. From what I have heard there are a few products which stay as staples whereas some are so-so, but I think that is consistent with most brands, you can’t please everyone, especially with makeup. Whilst I think there are some products where universal is used a little too loosely, the brand quickly turned into one of my favourite beauty ranges. I put together a little post here on the Glossier products I have loved as a ‘non blogger’ but here are some reasons why you should buy from Glossier.

It is cruelty-free

Whilst I feel cruelty-free brands are on the increase now more than ever it is reassuring to know that as a brand Glossier are fully cruelty-free. Where possible I have tried to cultivate my make up and cosmetics bags to only include brands who do not test on animals and do not sit under an umbrella company who test on animals. Knowing Glossier has never nor will they ever test on animals gives it a big tick when choosing which products to try. 

The basic approach works

There is a strong no thrills approach to this brand which I love. Sure there is something luxurious about buying a brand like YSL or Charlotte Tilbury, the gold packaging really makes me feel as though I have treated myself. Yet I love the stripped back approach to Glossier’s packaging and branding. They rely on the product doing the talking and it does not disappoint.  

It’s affordable

Whilst I will agree Glossier is not the most affordable skincare brand out there, *Ahem* The ordinary you are always going to be on that pedestal. Glossier, I do believe, as a non make up junkie, and someone who values not spending money, Glossier is really good value. The products I have bought (after a lot of review reading) have been better than I even expected them to be. I don’t like to fall in love with a product which I will find difficult to justify buying again. I feel Glossier prices are pitched perfectly for what you are getting. 

The packaging is TOO cute

Ok, so not the strongest reason to justify impulse purchases but have you seen the bubble bags and the stickers? And in all fairness, it may all be for the gram but those bubble bags go EVERYWHERE with me. They are so good for travelling. You have to give it to them, the pink bags and stickers got us all noticing the brand, so credit where amazing branding is due. 

They asked what we wanted

Glossier didn’t just launch out of nowhere as a leading cult beauty brand. Emily Weiss, creator of the blog and site, in the gloss, spent years asking for her reader’s advice. Asking what products are missing from the market, or what existing products are missing to make them more universal or desirable. From the research undertaken came the range of skincare and makeup they have now. A range which is always evolving and changing but a range which caters for so many. 

The selection is simple 

What I love most about Glossier is their range is simple. You are not going to get lost on their website, unable to understand why you would need a product. I don’t feel stupid or left behind when I do know what a green concealer will do or what an earth banana powder does. They have the ‘basics’ you need, in the colours to suit the masses and that is as complicated as it gets. 

Have you tried Glossier yet?

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