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Happy Sunday, I don’t know why but this week I have had a big spring in my step. It might have been all the rest last weekend or the sunshine, or those combined but I have felt so happy, positive and motivated all week. I have literally bounced into spin class this week, jogged off towards work and just made a start on things I have recently put on the back burner. I have opted for reading at night instead of watching Netflix and I have slept so well every night. You can say I feel pretty happy about life at the moment. I realised this week I have hardly any full weeks at work between now and July which has got me excited for this summer if my post on the five things I am excited about this summer didn’t make you realise this already. I have tried desperately hard to think of non-mundane issues to feature in my going down section but I cannot think of anything other than neglecting time to hoover or wanting a few more hours in the day, but no one has time for that. So these are the things I have loved this week.

Bank Holiday catch ups 

Bank holiday feels so long ago now, I can’t believe it was less than a week ago since I was curled up on the sofa gazing outside wondering how I got such a hangover? Thankfully after some beans on toast, I managed to shake it off and enjoy a bank holiday Monday in the sun. My weekend was filled with so many friends, BBQs, family, sunshine and any excuse to get out of the house. How much better did the lovely weather make it for us all? On Sunday Fliss came back to celebrate her marathon efforts and the removal of my braces, we headed into rugby for a cheesy night of cocktails and dancing, hence why I felt so bad on Monday morning. Definitely, need to get better before Ibiza. 

Charity walk around the peak district 

Yesterday a few others and I did our annual walk/ hike around the Peak District. It is a walk organised by my Mums Network Meeting in Leicester. Every year they pick a charity to raise money for and this year it was Bloodwise. My Grandma has devoted her life to raising money for this charity, at nearly 80 she runs two charity shops in our town and has been awarded an MBE for raising over £1m for the charity. She is in hospital at the moment so wasn’t there to cheer us on but it was so nice to have my aunt, uncles and cousins joining us to raise money. We have raised 5k from the walk. It took 29,000 steps to complete 21K of hills and steep declines around the National Park. Despite either moaning I coulnd’t climb or my knees hurting going down the hills we had the best day. So many people excelled themself for an amazing cause. I am not after any donations but if you want to know any more about the story and why we did it or you do want to donate a few pennies our page is here

Refreshing the wardrobe with some summer clothes 

I can list endlessly all the perks of this lovely weather but at the top after absolute mood boost is the changeup in wardrobes. I don’t know about you guys but who else felt as though they were wearing the same thing over and over again? I have loved getting my summer clothes out and falling back in love with some old summer favourites. And the sunshine on the skin, is there a better feeling?

Ending my orthodontic journey 

On Tuesday, my orthodontic journey sort of came to a close. I did a whole post here so I won’t go into it again but it was made bittersweet from the fact that this time last year I had just had them fitted and I was getting to grips with my first weekend of wearing adult braces. Comparing photos has really made me notice how much they have changed and what it has done for my confidence. Braces aside, if there is anything you feel is holding your confidence back go out and make a change because one year later I honestly feel as though I am a different person. 

Overnight Oats

For the last week I have been experimenting with different overnight oat recipes and they have really jazzed up my breakfast. I am a porridge lover but with the warmer weather porridge doesn’t have the same appeal. I eat overnight oats cold out of the fridge so they are the perfect summer alternative. My favourite so far I serve with Banana, peanut butter and a bit of cacoa. I will share some of my favourites soon. If you are struggling with some healthy summer breakfast ideas I recommend giving these a try.

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