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Happy Sunday, I can’t believe how fast these posts come around. More unbelievable is how lovely the weather has been again this week. After a fairly chilled weekend, I am heading up to Nottingham tonight to stay at the Crowne Plaza before my event tomorrow. This year I had planned to do something touristy in each city I visit for work, but with Nottingham on my doorstep, and only really knowing of Sherwood forest which I ticked off a lot as a child I think my colleague and I will probably have a chilled one, take advantage of the spa facilities and grab some food. If anyone local to Nottingham knows of any good last minute tourist spots let me know before 7 pm.  I have had another fab week, the sun shone, I managed to do some exercise every day and my Grandma is home from the hospital and staying at my Mum’s for a week or so whilst she recovers so I couldn’t be happier if I am honest. This is my weekly roundup. 

Going up 

Pub garden dinner

On Tuesday night, whilst the sun still shone, Dougal (my dog) and I walked down to the pub in the next village to meet my friends for dinner. It was about a mile walk which he loved. We took full advantage of eating dinner in the beer garden. Luckily we were all trying to be careful before our holidays so we tucked into some yummy salads (said no one ever) and caught up on a lot. It was so nice to see them both, a good reminder that one the spontaneous nights are always the nicest and two how lucky I am to have my group of girls. 

Early Morning coffee catch up 

With busy schedules, it can be so hard to find time to see friends. I sometimes find the benefits of whats app can be outweighed when I feel as though I am catching up purely on my phone. Deciding we couldn’t go on any longer not seeing each other face to face my friend Lauren and I decided to make time for each other and arranged a coffee catch up at Costa at 7:30 Friday morning before work. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work but the thought of seeing a friend and starting the day with a skinny ice chai latte was enough to get me out of bed. It was The BEST way to start a Friday morning, I laughed so much and despite not wanting to leave her to go to work I stepped into the office wide awake and feeling full of happiness. I am definitely going to make time for more morning catch ups.  

Running Club 

On Wednesday I went for my first ‘running club’ run. When I say running club it is with five other women from my sister’s work but it was still a massive benefit to me. I need to run with other people to up my pace a bit and I found the whole thing really beneficial. I cannot believe how much better my running is and how quickly you improve. There are still some runs I do terrible at but the majority of the time, I do feel I improve each run. For someone who was the cliche ‘I couldn’t run for a bus’ I can now comfortably run 5-6k without it feeling difficult. If you have always wanted to run but you are out of breath after 100m just go for it because honestly that was me and now it’s one of the first methods of exercises I go to. There are so many benefits to running, I am so glad I pushed myself to improve. 


On Friday I had the most social day EVER. After Coffee with Lauren, I had lunch out with work friends, my nephew after work and then made my way over to my friend Lucy’s for a bbq. Lucy has the most perfect social / BBQ house. With a bbq, pizza oven, badminton net and fire pit there is literally something to keep us all entertained. Time flew by and an unbeliveable speed, I laughed so much, met some lovely people and really didn’t want to leave. It has really got me excited for all the plans I have this summer. 

Royal wedding

I couldn’t talk about this week without mentioning the Royal Wedding could I? How amazing was it? An actual fairy tale. The whole thing was gorgeous, they looked incredible, the weather was perfect and there was so many people behind them. Because my Grandma is still revoering from her operation and staying at my Mum’s house I made the family afternoon tea which we munched through whilst watching it. It was such a lovely family afternoon I know we will always remember. 


Going down

Teeth whitening pain

At the end of last week, I started my teeth whitening and OMG the pain. I would honestly rather go through braces. It is such an awful sensation. The pain I can handle but this is not pain, pain it is just that horrible, chalkboard scratch, scratchy, cringey feeling that makes you shudder just thinking about it. I have only done it a few times and I can already see the difference but I hate the feeling. Again if anyone has any tips on how to battle through this I am all ears because sensitive toothpaste and painkillers are not doing much. 

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