Weekly round up

How is it Sunday again? Honestly, where is this year going? Why does Winter drag out like some season on Game of Thrones but Summer passes in a blink of an eye? I feel as though I am waking at the crack of dawn at the moment and using every second until I crash out in bed around 21:30 and then back up at 6. How I have so many things to fit in one day I do not know but I do feel as though things are going pretty great still at the minute, and it is certainly better than being bored. However, ask me if I  have had a chance to sit down and watch any TV and the answer is absolutely not. I am beyond excited for June, I have so many plans and very little time at work, has there been a better balance before? This is my weekly round up. 

Going up 

Shepherds hut moving 

I can’t believe it is finally in place, for anyone who doesn’t know what I am talking about check our Instagram page out here. On Tuesday after waiting all winter for the ground to dry out, Mum’s shepherd’s hut was moved down to the orchard and it looks so pretty. I am really looking forward to putting finish touches to it and planting some life around it. The hut will be available to book on Airbnb very soon. I for one cannot wait to stay in it. My Mum and her Husband Andy have done such an amazing job with it especially as Andy made it all himself. 

Bridesmaids day

I am not going to talk about this much as it wasn’t my day but on Friday the bridal party crew and I took the day off to go shopping with the bride to be who is getting married in 2019. Even the rain couldn’t bring the excitment down, I was up, so keen. Processo was popped open at 11 and it did not stop flowing all day. We all had lunch together and then headed out for an afternoon of more prosecco, some coherent wedding talk and general catch up before the long day finally caught up on us. I haven’t laughed so much or been that excited in such a long time. It was such a perfect way to start this bride to be journey for one of my all time favourite people. 

Seeing friends

On friday I had a double treat in that Fliss came to stay for the night. I love people feeling at home in my house, I like them making drinks helping themselves to anything in the cupboards so I loved leaving a key for the girls and coming home after a day with the bride girls to Fliss and Niece in their pjs cooking sasuages… has a day of drinking been handled better than this? I don’t think so. We had a good old catch up over the usual things, planning Ibiza. It was a perfect start to my long weekend. So lucky to have such amazing friends in my life. 

Sorting the garden out

One of my goals for this month was to sort the garden out. I don’t have a massive garden but there is a lawn and a few flower beds to look after, a bit of patio and decking and I just needed to get on top of the weeding. I thought summer was going to pass me by before I would have time to do anything out there, but the weather over the last few weeks has been a good excuse to get out there and sort things out. I feel so much better now most of the weeds have gone and there is some new life and colour in there. The table and chairs are out, I just need to get the BBQ cleaned now. 


And that is all from me. I feel this post is a bit thin on the ground but other than cramming excercise and eating healty, seeing my grandma as much as I can I have not had much time for anything else. I have never slept better than I am sleeping at the moment thats for sure. I am hoping to keep my weekly round ups going through June, logistically no idea how so apologies in advance if I miss any, I am just off having a bloody good time. Summer eh?


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