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It is June? Are we being serious? Halfway through the year already. I am struggling to see how this is possible. For anyone who has followed my blog for a while now, you will know how much I love June. It is by far my favourite month. It is my Birthday month, I always go on holiday in June and everything just feels much better in June. I literally love my life throughout the summer. This week I have been busy working out the logistics of my birthday plans, putting some final touches to the hen do prep for next weekend, running around frantically trying to organise everything for my Grandma’s party, riding, running, spinning. Literally doing everything. Yet when it comes to this post I am conscious none of you want to hear about all of that. So this is the rest of my weekly roundup.

Going up 

The Rolling Stones

This has been on my bucket list for so long. Last night I was able to finally tick it off and my god it was bloody incredible. It had taken us ages to get tickets because they were so expensive, I didn’t really know if I should part with that sort of money but not knowing if we would get to see them again we went for. I had been so excited for weeks. We arrived got some drinks and some pizza and made our way into the arena. I am not a lucky person by any means. This was a right place right time moment but this lovely man, my favourite human in the world approached Lauren and me and asked us some questions. Long story short we got updgrades to Pit A right below the stage to watch THE ROLLING STONES. My mum is such a fan it was so nice to see her so excited for something. It was honestly one of the best nights of my life. Their stage presence is unreal. I can’t believe how much they can move, not to even mention at their age. It will be a night I will always remember. I laughed so much, smiled till my cheeks hurt, cried actual tears of laughter. I feel so so so grateful today. 

James Bay- Electric light

I have had this album on repeat and honestly cannot get enough of it. I loved James Bay’s first album equally as much, there is never a song I do not like but I think this album has topped the last. It has such a perfect balance of songs, some nostalgic, songs where his lyrics can take you back to an exact moment and others are so upbeat it’s impossible not to be in a good mood. I was supposed to be having a week of Rolling Stones songs only ready for Saturday but I couldn’t bring myself to turn this off. It is has been playing from the minute I wake up all the way through work, in the car and when I get into bed. I love it. I am even more excited to see him on Wednesday. 

Podcasts on Spotify

Ok so not groundbreaking or life changing but it really has helped me listen to more podcast recently. I have started listening to podcasts on Spotify. I deleted the apple podcast app off my phone because it used too much of my data or storage up. I have been listening to them on Spotify since and it is so much better. Not only can I pick up where I left off on my phone, computer or laptop but I can play them through Sonos as well in different rooms and they are much louder. For anyone who hasn’t done this, I would really recommend the switch. The only downfall so far is I can’t find Desert Island Discs on there and you cannot search for them as well but that is literally it. 

Getting that balance 

Lately, on my instastories, I have been boring people to death with gym, spin and run shots. I know it is annoying and I don’t want to delve into the dynamics or psychoanalyse why but there is something about sharing these things which help me keep on track with my fitness. I have been working bloody hard. I have really revamped my diet as well, finally reaching the stage where I am no longer reaching for sugary snacks at 3pm. I do sometimes worry that all this will make me feel a little guilty when I eat badly. Before people worry not in a bad way, I just don’t want to be waking at the crack of dawn to then eat a donut at 11, get me? However on Thursday, I met my Granny for lunch in my favourite Leicestershire lunch spot for the most delicious goat’s cheese panini, iced latte and sides (it’s my go to) and my dad for dinner where I had a Veggie burger and chips. It was nice tucking into it, not worrying I was going to look like a whale on holiday or feeling bad that I moan how I look yet shove chips in my mouth. I felt as though this week I have had such a good balance of exercise and food and I feel so good for it.  

Going down

Awkward encounters 

This is only going to make sense to the few friends I voice note dropped on whats app as soon as it happened. But last week, whilst I was sweaty from walking, and still in the night before’s make up – no judging- I bumped into someone which can only be described as the most awkward encounter I have had for a while. Don’t get me wrong I am pretty good at awkward but this was a high for me. I still cannot stop laughing at it now. 

Bug bites

Is anyone else being eaten alive by bugs this summer? This has never been a problem for me, even on holiday I would rarely get bitten. Yet reecntly new bites have literally been appearing all the time from no where. I got home last night, I had been wearing jeans when two massive bites appeared on my leg, what?! Please tell me I am not the only one? I thought I was doing well this year as my hay fever wasn’t bad. Summer hates me. 

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