Braces at 27 update #9 – Teeth whitening tips for sensitive teeth

I said I would be back with some more brace related chat and an update about my teeth whitening. I had hoped my update would be a positive one and that I could share photos of A Hollywood white smile. The progress hasn’t been so positive. I am pleased with the treatment as a whole, after using the sets I do notice a difference in the colour but I have struggled with the sensitivity the whitening leaves me with. I have never had sensitive teeth so I was surprised to find I was struggling as much as I was with this treatment. I went back to my orthodontist to talk it through as I was worried I wasn’t going to keep going with it. Since then I went away and changed a few things which has defintely made a difference. These are some tips for anyone who is struggling with sensitive teeth after whitening.   

Get some Sensitive toothpaste

This may sound like a no-brainer but as I have never suffered from sensitive teeth before I didn’t have sensitive toothpaste. Luckily my Orthodontist gave me a couple of sample tubes with my teeth whitening but I went out and bought some more. Being the impatient person I am I jumped straight into my teeth whitening not expecting any problems. Knowing what I know now I would recommend cleaning your teeth with a sensitive toothpaste for a couple of weeks before you start your teeth whitening. 

Take turns in which set you whiten 

This was a tip my sister gave me which has helped the most, and it was to only whiten one set of teeth at a time, so one day I will whiten the top teeth and then a couple of days later I will do the bottom. It makes a massive difference not having the whitening on both of them and minimises the number of sensitive teeth at one time.

Do it throughout the day and let your teeth rest at night

I bought the Philips Nite White treatment, as the name suggests you put this in your retainers overnight and wake up with whiter and brighter teeth. Due to the pain, my orthodontist suggested I kept the whitening on in the day and slept through the weird sensitive feeling overnight. This has made the most significant difference in feeling. I have been able to whiten them a lot more using the whitening this way round. 

Don’t keep them on too long 

I think this ties in with why wearing them in the day also works. I don’t keep them on as long as I would at night. If I used it at night I would prepare and put them in before I got into bed and take them out when I woke up. Overall it was quite a long time to have a strong product sitting on my teeth. When I use it in the daytime I have it on for a couple of hours less and I have noticed the sensitivity isn’t as strong. 

Make sure you are not using too much product 

It is important to remember that the pain may be coming from using too much product. You don’t need to use much to see results. If you feel you are using too much or are concerned about how much to use speak to your dentist and they will be able to show you or advise you on the correct amounts. 

Don’t use mouthwash before you do them 

I doubt this is advice any hygenist would give you but when I was planning on using my teeth whitening I stopped using mouthwash. I was looking up advice and a few places advised to leave sensitive toothpaste in your whitening trays. Unfortunately, my trays are my retainers which you cannot put toothpaste in so I couldn’t do this. Instead, I stopped rising all of the toothpaste out instead with mouthwash. Again I have no idea if this made a significant difference but I was willing to try anything.  

Leave a few days between whitening 

Along with only whitening one set of teeth at a time I found giving my teeth a couple of days break in between whitening helped keep the sensitivity down. 

Drink hot/cold drinks through a straw

A lot of the time, my teeth felt fine until cold air, hot food or cold drinks hit them. Try to keep this to a minimum and use a straw to drink through. Straws (although please don’t use plastic) are a good way to stop staining on your teeth as well. If you are struggling to eat and drink really look at the steps above because only at my worst sensitivity was eating and drinking a problem. 

Be mindful of what you are consuming

Lastly, this won’t help with sensitivity but will aid the whitening and help with the process but always remember to be mindful of your oral hygiene. Avoid too many dark wines, coffees and tea, fizzy drinks etc these all contribute towards stained teeth and will only prolong your teeth whitening. 

That is all if anyone has any useful tips please share as these are just the things I have tried so far and I always looking for other ways to make it better.




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