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This is my last weekly roundup as a 27-year-old, boo. I have no qualms about turning 28, I have been saying I am 28 since about November because clearly degeneration of my brain is already kicking in. So really it will make very little difference to me. I am happy enough with how my life is going, and I am not stupid or naive enough to think I am the only who is not where ‘society’ would have me at 28 years old. I am quite confident that owning a house with a partner and the rest at this stage of my life would make me very miserable, so here I am about to enter my 28th year feeling pretty great. I have a summer jam-packed, thinking of the next few weeks literally gives me butterflies. I have had another full on week, the sort of week where you write down, sleep on your to do list, but I know by Sunday night when I am tucked up in my hotel in London ready for Love Island and Poldark it will all have been worth it.  

Going up 

James Bay

 On Wednesday Pip, Fliss, Niece and I headed to Leicester to see James Bay perform. I am obsessed (I really hate that word) with his new album, I now have no interest in his first album which I didn’t think would ever happen. He is so good live, I have seen him a few times now and would 100% recommend going to see him. I was so so grateful Fliss came all the way up to the Midlands to watch him with us as it was a present for Pip’s birthday.   


This has been the hardest secret to keep, and I can’t believe we did it. This weekend we have been in Brighton celebrating my friends Hen do who I am maid of honour for! I will be honest, as an event organiser I thought organising a hen party weekend would be a walk in the park but I couldn’t have been more wrong. There is so much pressure in making sure the other hens have a good time and it is worth the money but also and most importantly the bride herself has a great weekend. It was so difficult deciding where to go, where to stay, how much to spend, how many and which activities to do, where to eat and how much money everyone should spend, especially in the summer when everyone is gearing up for their ‘summer’ holiday and trying to save money. Alas, we are here and I am so happy. I don’t want to share too many details because obviously it is not my hen do but a weekend of sunshine and fits of laughter, meeting some of the nicest girls was absoltely how I wanted to spend this weekend.

Return of love island

I can remember a time where I would have been embarrassed about admitting I watch Love Island, and now it is about 90% of my daily conversation. On Monday a Whats app group was set up conversations, verdicts, memes and tweets were well underway. How did we last so long without this programme, without these bunch of idiots? Alex is my favourite so far, mainly because he is a Dr. (I am still telling myself he was scouted for the show to boost the IQ and he didn’t choose to live with these imbeciles, with the success of Camila last year they know we like an intelligent wallflower). Also, Danni has really shocked me, I thought I would have no time for her but she is super sweet and I like her, and so far Kendal has gone from being my favourite, to meh so I’m really not sure. So we will see how these develop as we go on. (This was written pre Friday night results, currently unsure how I feel about the show).

Going down

Gig etiquette 

Lets first off clear up that I am 100% guilty of taking a few snaps and filming a quick video when I am at a gig. We all want a memory from the night, and we very much live in a culture of ‘if we don’t take a photo did it even happen?’ but I have found recently that gig etiquette is failing us all slightly and ruining an evening we paid good money for. As you are all aware in the last week I have seen the Rolling Stones and James Bay. You will be aware because they were both on my Instagram. I am guilty of it too but what I find increasingly annoying is those gig-goers who film THE WHOLE THING. Sure I get one or two snaps, I try to make sure these are before the gig starts. Very rarely am I close enough to get any decent shots of a band with my iPhone anyway. I will then film a snippet of a song, lasting no more than the few seconds Instagram allows and then just get on with dancing the night away. I am not condemning those who want to film it all, I get it you’ve paid you want to remember the night. But what happened to experiencing things through our own eyes and not through our phones? And then there was the girl who actually tried to start a fight with me and Fliss because we politely asked her and her bf to either stop making out like some sort of sex scene in front of us and move to the side. You are not the only ones there, I get we have all paid money to experience the night how we would like but where possible try to be courteous of others. Think, are you blocking someones view ( I get if you are tall there is nothing you can do about this obviously). The Rolling Stones Vs James bay was a stark contrast to how people treated each other at a gig and I think as a younger generation we have a bit to learn. From someone who loves their phone and Instagram, I would be happy for phones to be banned at gigs from now on.

Hay Fever

So far this year I had managed to make my way through hayfever season quite unscathed until this morning. Maybe the Brighton pollen doesn’t agree with me but I have woken with a throat on fire and a blocked nose and a cloudy head. I regret the smug Jade last week who didn’t even have a spot of hayfever.

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