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and then I turned 28, I don’t know how this has happened. Despite the ballsy approach to my 28th birthday last week I have to admit when I was at dinner Thursday night I did begin to get a little panicked as to whether I have done ‘enough’ before my 28th birthday. The answer I don’t think I will ever know. I hope one day I will look back, more relaxed and realise how much pressure I put on myself but for now, I am not sure. I don’t know where else I would rather be at this age except for on a beach in Bali, a small size 8 with a lot of money. But as that is not an option at the moment I feel I should be grateful for where I am. Maybe it is just birthday panic, I am sure it will subside when I realise I feel no different this week than I do from last.  Anyway, this is my weekly round up from a ridiculously busy, hectic, hay fever and emotioned filled week.

Going up 

Birthday afternoon with my Mum 

My Mum does birthdays the best. I think she is the sole reason I look forward to mine so much. She goes out of her way to make sure the day is about you, and for a brief moment I get to see what it would have been like as an only child and it is great. This year was no different. It started with a giant moon pig card with some photos from the rolling stones on. In writing twice – That I am her favourite daughter (we all know that is not true, the best daughter certainly but probably not favourite). After that, we made our way straight over to Winstanley House hotel in Leicester for Lunch. We visited Winstanley on my birthday last year whilst it was still being built so it was great to see it so busy a year later. My friend Bob joined for lunch, and I got to see my old work buddy and now just buddy buddy Kylie. After a mojito or two and a lot of food, I felt my birthday was in full swing. We then dashed out shopping after spending far too much time on lunch where I picked up a few new holiday pieces before dinner with the family. I am so grateful I can spend my birthday with my Grandma as well, with her big party coming up next weekend it was nice to talk through plans and how excited we all are about it. I know I can give my Mum a hard time sometimes but she really does excel at birthdays. She is a little birthday babe really. I was also able to spend my birthday morning with my nephew which was the best, it always makes me laugh so much. After he spent the morning dancing around the house, opening all my presents and then eating them. We headed out to costa for drinks and cake before dropping him off at Nursery. He is such a little dude, full of crazy amounts of character. 

A night out with friends

I have the best friends and sister. Last night we nipped into leicester for a few drinks for my birthday. I really don’t go out enough because Leicester can be a bit of a trek but it was nice to get a little dressed up and do something different. Despite the awful pre customer service we managed to get a table at the bottle garden which I was really pleased about. Their on the night customer serviced redeemed themselves a bit and we started the night with some really nice cocktails. Leicseter has such a long way to go to be a good night out but it is slowly getting there. Massive appreciation for all my lovely friends they made my birthday.

Return of Queer eye

Queer eye hooked me from the minute I started watching series one. It is the most uplifting, positive, and binge-worthy series I have ever come across. If there is ever an opportunity to volunteer for a spot on this show I want to be on it, despite not being American or a Man. They have done so much for breaking down barriers, in a sensitive, positive and entertaining way whilst helping change the lives on some genuinely lovely men. I don’t know another series which has managed to make me cry tears of laughter, genuine joy and sadness all in one episode. I am taking series 2 as a little birthday present from Netflix and plan to get through it all this week.

Few new holiday bits

Despite all the logistical drama surrounding my holiday, I decided to focus on the parts I love which is finding new pieces to take on holiday. This is my first trip to Ibiza and I have heard it is fairly laid back with its fashion so picking a few bits out which I would be able to wear in the UK as well was pretty hard but I think I managed to get a few nice new pieces. I am going to order a few more off Pull and bear this week and send some ASOS orders back and I think I will just about be ready for IBIZA. 

SD Card to phone reader

My Dad bought me this little gem from Apple for my birthday (I asked for it) it sends photos straight from my camera’s SD card to my phone so I no longer need to save them onto my laptop and share them on there. I love my little camera, it is not the best but it does the job most of the time but my one pet hate was that it is so old school and they only way to save phones was to my laptop and go from there. This little cable which change my on the go photos so much. I am really looking forward to testing it out. 


Going down 

Not going with my gut

I don’t think gut instinct is ever wrong really, is it? I tell myself I live by ‘you do you’ but I have found I am still saying yes to things I don’t want to do because I don’t want to upset others. Really going to trust my gut more when I decide how I spend my time. 


I love how you can get to 27 and life just throw you in a new friend who out of the blue you get on incredibly well with and they just kind of slot into your life like they have never not been in it. That is how I ended up shotting tequila on my birthday. I don’t do shots. Period. I hate them. Flashbacks the next day, a quick reminder has me reaching for the sick bucket. However, after the goose on my birthday, I went to my friend’s house for cocktails which somehow resulted into peer pressuring me into shotting tequila which I would usually be able to duck out of. I have now learned this only works in bars because people don’t want to waste money on a shot you’re not going to drink. But when you are at someones house they are not going away so I did it and I still have no cells in my mouth.  

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