The summer skincare five

I am really happy with my skin and complexion. Sure I do get a spot or two which I never leave alone but on the whole, my skin is usually clear and happy. I have mentioned many times that I am fortunate that my skin doesn’t react to many hyaluronic acid products so I can be flexible with what I try out without worrying too much. I don’t mean this as a humble brag because I am really sympathetic to anyone who has skin which breaks out, I do understand this would be something that would easily knock confidence. So I don’t want to come across braggy, I am just aware some of you won’t be able to try random products from Aldi without worry. I have noticed a lot of products don’t really add much to my complexion but none that really irritate it.

Summer is my favourite for skin care and makeup routine. It is very low key and minimum. My skin gets a bit of a tan and I get freckles which I love and I just generally cannot be bothered with makeup. Especially foundation which feels heavy on my face. I thought I would do two posts sharing my favourite skin care and makeup products of late and you won’t be surprised that many have featured on posts before. I am a creature of habit.  The post is quite glossier heavy because I love their skincare and the ethics behind their brand. It works for me and my skin type but in principle, it is the type of product which keeps my skin healthy and not the brand itself so I would also recommend more affordable products to try. 

Glossier face wash

I am now on my second bottle of this and I will continue to buy it. I find it works so well as a first or second cleanser depending on your routine. I use it first to lift all my makeup and then I will use a Micellar water to just clean the rest off. I love how easy this product us. I can either just rub it around my face and wash off with water or I can use it in the shower etc. It is affordable, clean, scent free and lasts so long. I also love how hydrating it is. As much as I love my micella water unless I get the oil based water I can find they dry my skin out if I use them on their own. 

Glossier moon mask 

I asked for this for my birthday as the only facemasks I have are exfoliating and not hydrating which is what my skin needs all year around. I asked for this one after reading up on so many reviews and I am so pleased with the results. Sometimes I leave it on for the allocated 20 minutes, sometimes I put it on before I go to bed as a heavy night cream and wash it off in the morning. It works so well and adding a bit of life back into my skin. 


Nip and fab exfoliating pads

I have been using these 1-2 nights a week for well over a year now and love them. They are exfoliating wipes packed with glycolic acid to target oily and congested skin whilst helping to revive dull skin, leaving you with a bright complexion. I love these pads not only do they work so well they smell great. Aldi did bring out their dupe version of these which were a lot more affordable which are worth trying if you can still get your hands on them.

Sun cream 

Talking of which, this little suncream I picked up from Aldi for about £1.70 and it is fantastic. I wear suncream every day either on its own or under my make up, however, I have gone to work since buying this wearing this alone. It is nothing special, no different from normal suncream but it is so hydrating and soaks into my skin so easily.

Glossier lip balm 

I think quite possibly my favourite skincare and makeup product of the year. I can totally see the hype behind the balms dot com. Even thinking of not wearing it has me reaching for my bag. I have mentioned before I use this as I would Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream but it is a lot more versatile and easy to carry around. I have still only used the original but I am going to buy the coconut in my next order. It is brilliant at keeping your lips smooth and hydrated as well as helping any dry patches or soreness on your face which I have struggled massively with after my dramatic hay fever outburst. It even works wonders taming your eyebrows on a non makeup day. 

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