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Sorry the photo is so big, I snapped it on my phone on Saturday night and I love it. The sunset was just incredible, so of course it meant I had to share it on all forms of social media. One more working day to go before my out of office can go on. I cannot wait for a week of lie-ins, sunshine, beach naps and mojitos. In true me style, it looks like the UK is set for a scorchingly hot week whilst I am on holiday. It happens every year so you can thank me later.

I was worried this week was going to leave me a little frazzled. As I begin to write this on a Thursday night, I still have final bits to put in place for Grandma’s big party but im feeling ok. I just want the day to be perfect for her, and I had meetings in Birmingham with work, holiday handover, packing and washing to sort along with birthday celebrations for friends and the horses to ride so I was worried how I was going to fit it all in. I coped however and it really wasn’t too bad. however it has left my weekly round up a little thin.  

Grandma’s party

Ah where do I start with this? I never knew an 80th could be such a fun and messy affair, although after her 70th I should have expected nothing less. Months and months of planning resulted in the best weekend celebrating my Grandma’s 80th with so many friends and family and I know she loved the day. I don’t think I could actually relax until about 7 pm once the afternoon tea went well and the BBQ and Ice cream van was in full swing. It was such a lovely day, to see the spark back in my Grandma’s eye after a difficult couple of months and family who had flown all the way from Australia for it was amazing. I am so proud of the families effort for pulling it off and getting on with each for 12 hours. I managed to smash through 32,000 steps on Saturday throwing myself around the dance floor with some questionable dance moves, to the point where I danced myself sober. Suffering from massive post-party blues and major doms from dancing, who knew it could be such a workout eh?

Foal goals

On Tuesday I finally met my friend’s two-week-old foal and she was tots adorable. My Instagram went mad for her. Realising if you want anyone to ‘slide into your dms’ (literally vommed as I say that), puppies and ponies are the way to go. She is so beautiful. Not only did I get to meet foaly, and her yearling who was born last year. I also had a night chilling and catching up with my friend, eating carbs and watching Love Island. If there is a better way to spend a Tuesday night, I am yet to find it. 

Friend filled week 

Despite how busy this week has been I have managed to see the most amount of friends I have seen in one week for a long time. The week kicked off with a night with Izzy on Tuesday, followed by dinner for Rosie’s birthday at everyone’s favourite Casa Romana in Leicester. Thursday I went out for lunch with friends from work, despite only working on the floor below me we don’t catch up as much as we should, followed by a family and friend filled Saturday for my Grandma’s party and I am signing off today with lunch with my friend Catherine and Beth and an evening with Alex and Lucy. How bloody lucky am I?

Pull and bear

I have been loving pull and bear recently. I have been buying clothes from this brand for years and years since coming across them in Spain when I was a teenager but they are just going from strength to strength. Their clothes are always so on trend, affordable and fit so well. I have purchased a few new pairs of shorts and the cutest swimsuit in the last week. I would really recommend checking their summer clothes out. 


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