My Goal Review June

So that was June, I am not going to dwell on how fast this month went because I managed to cram it full of so many amazing occasions. I kicked off the month with VIP tickets to see the Rolling Stones, then off to James Bay. An amazing hen do for my friend Catherine in Brighton, followed by a few days in London, my birthday, a massive celebration for my wonderful Grandma’s 80th birthday and then finished the month off in Ibiza. I don’t think I could have gone back and packed anything else in and I certainly would not change a thing about this month. The only issue of a month being so bloody brilliant is my goals get put on the back burner. I do try to set goals which I can integrate into my plans easily but sometimes time just does not allow. This is how I got on with this month’s goals.

GOAL 1 –  To use my camera more for better photos

Why: I love taking photos on my camera, the quality is undeniably better and I can do so much more with the photos. The only issue I have is my camera is quite old now and I feel a bit of a tourist walking around with it and also if I take photos I then have to put them on my laptop and send them to my phone so often unless it was premeditated I would rely on my iPhone. 

How I did: I made a real effort to take my camera out a lot more this month. Obviously not on nights out or on social occasions but I took it with me to Brighton, to my Grandma’s party and of course it is here in Ibiza with me. My dad also bought me the Apple SD Card to phone cable which has been a massive help for those quick shots I want to take and upload straight to Instagram without having to wait until I am back with my laptop. 

How I feel:  I feel so much better for ignoring how my clunky camera makes me feel and just getting out there and taking some photos. Photography is one of my favourite hobbies and having a good camera with nice results is so rewarding. The SD card reader made a massive difference and I would really recommend getting your hands on one if you are having the same issue.

Goal 2 – To Go to the gym at least two mornings a week

Why: I wanted to make time for the gym throughout the summer. It is easy for me to become sidetracked from my usual exercise because the nights are longer and I get a lot more time to spend with the horses. I realised this month I have been spinning twice a week since January (unless I was away with work), yet every Sunday and Wednesday night I always say ‘I hope I can make it to spinning in the morning’. I need to learn to have a little more confidence in my willpower and ability to stick to classes. This month I also started going to the gym for a short while after my spin class to do some ab work. I am so proud of my efforts and I am definitely going to keep this up when I return from Ibiza and hopefully add some evening classes in when the clocks go back. 

How I did: I got a little carried away and covered this above but unless I was away with work I have made it to spinning twice a week throughout June which I am really proud of. I have also made it into the gym after every session too mainly to take full advantage of airconditioning after the sauna spin session. 

How I feel:  So proud of myself, and so much fitter and healthier. I really think waking up for spinning Monday and Thursday morning has become a habit now. I really look forward to the feeling I know I am going to have walking out of the gym in the morning, or even the spring I have in my step walking to work. I will continue to keep up the two sessions a week for as long as I can.  

Goal 3 – Take Dougal to the beach 

Why: I took Dougal to Brancaster beach last summer and it was one of my favourite days of 2017. I was hoping I could do this again around my birthday as we did last year. It is such a beautiful area of dog-friendly beaches and lovely pubs.

How I did: I didn’t make it to the beach, unfortunately. The month was so jammed full there just was not a window for this. I still have time this summer and if the forecast looks particularly good in July or August I might book the day off to take him but it was not something I could achieve in June. 

How I feel:   If I am honest making the journey across to Brancaster was always going to be a bit of a stretch. I did make it to the beach just not with Dougal. It is always disappointing not achieving something you set out to do but the timescale and finances just were not realistic with everything else I had planned this month. 

So they are my June’s goals kind of done and dusted. With July looking slightly less manic I have picked three new goals to work on in the next month. 

July’s goals

  1. To tick some house jobs off
  2. To read three books 
  3. To do a ‘summer’ clear out of clothes to a charity shop or Depop/ eBay

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