Highs and Lows of Ibiza

I’m back! I have recently returned from my quick trip over to Ibiza with my favourite three. Before I left I definitely had mixed feelings towards our planned visit to Ibiza. It had never been an island I had thought too much of as we have visited Marbella so often I assumed they would be similar and I wasn’t sure if my night and beach club days were behind me. 

We had booked an Airbnb on Playa D’en Bossa, the location was incredible if you love a night out, but I knew from the outset this wasn’t going to be a chill by the pool and read four books type of holiday and as soon as I began to realise that I began to fall in love with Ibiza. The holiday, however, was a conflict of some amazing highs and some little lows. There were a few moments I wondered why on earth I was in Ibiza and why I was walking home at 6 am craving a cheese toasty, but as I boarded my flight to return home, looking back I realised this is one of the best trips I have had in so long. I went places and saw people I never thought I would either have the opportunity to see or even enjoy but I am now fighting off some serious Ibiza blues, and already wondering when I can book to go back, all be it, probably not to Playa D’en Bossa. So I thought I would share with you all some of the highs and lows of our trip, instead of giving you an island guide. 

The Lows

19 euros for a single gin and tonic, is that legal?

18 euros for a slice of cheesecake, no gold in it. 

The Clouds on Thursday afternoon which lead to the 18 euro cheesecake and the worst cup of tea I have had, Yes I ordered tea in Ibiza. 

No local knowledge of how to make a cup of tea when the weather was bad

My sister’s phone was stolen when we ran into the sea after Ushuaia- seems kind of obvious now. 

Water jets in Ocean Beach Club pool – I had sat for 30 minutes having my hair curled, 20 minutes into ocean club it was wet and straight

The strip in Playa Den Bossa – I am sure for many this is the best place to be, and whilst we were so lucky with our apartment, it was good value for money and it had a lovely quiet pool this was perhaps not the right area for me. If I was to visit Ibiza again I would stay in a quiet area and travel. 

So many promo workers when you are trying to catch a tan

So many offerings of drugs. I never knew how people got their hands on things so easily, in Ibiza every other man walking down the street offers you something

Aeroplanes flying over every 15 minutes

Lack of nice restaurants around our apartment– I like food.  


The Highs 

There was so many 

The beaches – the water is so clear I haven’t enjoyed swimming in the sea so much before, especially as there is nothing trying to eat you in the Med. 

The views – It is true what people say, it really is one beautiful island. The sunsets are something else. I want to go back and explore the more quiet sides of the Island. 

Ibiza Old Town – Despite the party reputation the Island has, Ibiza old town is so beautiful a serene, I would really recommend if you want a quiet day of culture away from all the clubs.

The weather – Not that the UK is much different right now, but waking up to back to back sunshine. 

The nightlife– Before Ibiza, I thought my out-out days were over. I hate dressing up, buying new outfits, all the effort that goes into planning to leave the house at the weekend. I don’t know if it was going out in my converse which changed my mind, or how incredible the clubs and nights were, but I would 100% go back just for those nights again.  

Seeing David Guetta –  the girls bought me a ticket to Ushuaia for my birthday and it was quite honestly the best night I have had for such a long time. Debating whether we can squeeze another trip to Ibiza in before the season ends to see him again. 

The Fuck it bucket – The week relied heavily on our ‘fuck it bucket’ (really not as awful as it sounds). A concept whereby if we had budgeted for a day and one or two drinks in we realised we were going to have no control over how much we spent we would chuck it in the fuck it bucket and just make sure we had a good time. These always resulted in the best days. We also had honesty time, where if we were all saying ‘I don’t mind’ we had to go around and say honestly which we would prefer and the most favoured would be chosen. I think this is why we always get on so well on holiday. 

Day trip to Formentera


Hiring a jeep, driving around with the roof down, singing our favourite songs. If you are going over to Ibiza I fully recommend making the journey over to this Island. I have many incredible memories (and photos) of this day. I will be uploading a full post on what we did soon. 


Hi– Hi honestly looked like something from Hunger Games when we arrived. Unsure what horror I was volunteering myself to. Yet somehow turned out to be one of my best nights in Ibiza. I learned pretty quickly, I don’t have the stamina after a day at ocean club to stay up until gone 6 am and at 4:30 ish I had to retire. I wish I had stayed longer because the music and atmosphere was insane. 

Lying by the pool, crying with laughter with my favourite three – If I could bottle up the feeling of tears streaming down my face at something my friends had said, I would. 

Tapas in old town – There were two things I wanted to make sure I had when in Ibiza, and that was spaghetti da la mare and tapas. We managed to find a cute little tapas place after a wander around the town. Tapas is my favourite type of food so I was going to make the most of it whilst I was over there. 

Watching the sunset at Cafe Mambo – Didn’t expect this night to go in the direction it did. The sunset is beautiful and worth the hype. As is Cafe Mambo. 

Drinking Strawberry daiquiris at Ocean Club – I still don’t know if I like this Ocean Club as much as the one in Puerto Banus, even though the music is much better. The one thing they do have in common is how good their strawberry daiquiris are. If I could have them on tap I think I would be constantly happy.

Going out in converse and still feeling dressed up – Probably my main reason for wanting to go back to Ibiza. 


So that is my round up on Ibiza. I can’t share a ‘where to eat guide’ because rice cakes and cheese toasties in the apartment where my main source of nutrition. We did stop off at this amazing little tapas place in Old Town, which was really affordable and authentic, you can eat much cheaper if you move away from the main tourist areas. We didn’t have time to see much more than we did, bearing in mind we bearly slept between nights out and making the most of the day. I would love to return and see more of the Island, they were some of the most beautiful beaches. 




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