Day Trip to Formentera

During our trip to Ibiza, we booked a day trip to Formentera to explore the Island. Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic island, reachable by a 40-minute ferry from Ibiza Old Town, making it a popular day trip for tourists. It is famous for its picturesque beaches, clear waters and amazing scenery. I was conscious Ibiza was going to turn into a full week of drinking and partying if we didn’t plan ahead so we booked the ferry in advance to ensure we didn’t get too caught up in an Ibiza daze. This is a quick guide to how we spent our day in Formentera, there are so many different ways you can spend your time on the Island. I recommend checking websites out before you go. 
We booked the Aquabus ferry (via directferries) which left the Port at Old Town. This was probably the least desirable looking ferry and of course, came with some ropey moments. However, at 17.50 euro for a return ticket, it was considerably cheaper than the others. The ferry left the Island every two hours so we booked to leave Ibiza at 10:00 and return at 18:00. Having seen how beautiful the Island was I wish we had spent more time there. Nonetheless, 6 hours exploring gave us enough time to see most of the Island, just not that much time to swim. 

The Jeep

We hired the Jeep from a company called portas (or something similar). They were the first hire stand on the right-hand side (we tried a few). They will barter on the price a little if you ask so don’t just accept the first price. However, remember they are in demand so if they say final price, just agree. You will feel stupid walking back and saying ‘we will take it’.
We hired our jeep for around 30 euros each and quite frankly it was the best 30 euros I spent in Ibiza. Initially, we were going to look at hiring mopeds. With only one experienced moped driver in our group and my track record of driving, we thought it was best for Pip to drive us. We had enquired about the smaller Jeep Wrangler but they were all booked out which is how we ended up with the monster truck which I am still pining after. Honestly the best way of getting around the island.
There were a few issues as the roads are not wide at all. There were occasions where we would have to pull over to let others pass. There was also a few hair-raising moments Pip nearly took me out driving into a hedge. The jeep was the best way to see so much of the island. We managed to cover the main corners and attractions of the Island with Pip driving, me map reading and Fliss and Niece Instagramming in the back. I would recommend having a look at hiring online before you get there. You might not get a better price but there will be more selection.

On the Island

We were so busy navigating around the island, singing songs at the top of our voices (built in apple adapter was welcomed) we didn’t actually eat the whole time whilst we were on the Island which was not like us.  We did, however, visit three of the most amazing beaches I have ever seen.

We set off with no plan, at first, it was difficult to navigate where we were heading. We thought the car rental had circled the place to drive to but he had actually circled where we started (seems obvious now) like idiots we drove back passed the rental place twice before I worked this out and then we were off.

When I say I map read, I just kept choosing left, right, left and hoping it would lead to something which it always did. Our first stop was Cala Soana, there is a hotel on this beach if you are ever looking for an incredible place to stay. We hopped out of the Jeep and made our way down to the crystal clear waters. This was my favourite beach of the whole holiday and the first time I was sincerely happy we had chosen to go to Ibiza. The views were amazing, it was such a casual beach, families swimming, enjoying picnics, everyone leaving their stuff unattended without worry. We stayed a little longer than expected here before heading off again.

Our next stop was Faro De Cap De Cambarbara. This was another accidental stop but one of my favourites from the day. It is the spot where we got our heart photo and honestly one of the most beautiful and understated spots I have ever seen. It was so tranquil and quiet, I could have stayed up there for hours although there was very little to do there other than to look at the lighthouse and take in the views. We soon made our way back to the Jeep and were on our way. 

Thanks to my amazing map reading skills we then found ourselves on the road heading towards Far De La Mola which is the most southern part of the Island. The drive up to the lighthouse was stunning, had we known where we were going and had more time I would have loved to have stopped here to get some photos of the view because I honestly don’t think I have seen a view so pretty. The views from the Lighthouse were great too although probably not worth the drive if you have managed to stop on the way up. There were so amazing cove beaches as we drove along the coast to get there which we tried on a number of occasions to park up but there wasn’t enough space for our bus so we ended up at a beach near Hotel Riu La Mola. Where there was a lot of space to park, and a nice white sandy beach. After our first drink stop of the day, a quick dip in the sea we made our way up the Island. We wanted to finish our day at the famous white sandy beaches at the north of the Island.


Our last stop was Platja de Llevant. My only regret is that we didn’t save much time for this beach. It was so beautiful, the sea was so clear, It felt like the Caribbean and the waves were awesome. It was fairly quiet and we were lucky enough to grab a parking space at the end right next to the beach. I wish we could have had a couple of hours here to walk up the beach but time didn’t permit as we thought we were going to have to fill the Jeep up with fuel before dropping it off.

After 40 minutes here we set off for home, I have to admit I got in a bit of a panic we were not going to make it back in time if we were to fill the Jeep up and drop it off, thankfully the lovely guys at the rental said for 20 euros (which was less than we were going to put in) we could leave it with them, so we did and hurried on over to our ferry.



This day will forever be remembered as one of my favourite days, filled with so much laughter, love and gratitude for the things I say yes to. Despite the photos of the Jeep looking a bit extra, it was the cheapest day of our trip and one I will never regret. It took a bit of planning but it was worth it. 

Do’s of Formentera

Hire Jeep it was so cool, or even car if there is a group of you, its fun to spend that time together and you can see so much of the Island.

I wish we had stayed until 20:00 to have a bit more time but leaving at 18:00 did mean we had time to go to the shops in Old Town before they shut. 

Take a packed lunch if you want to save a bit of money, the beaches are all family friendly and this is what most did, it also saves you time not waiting for food.

Try and see as much as you can, it is only a small island and you won’t regret any of the sites you see.

Take charger and cable with you for your phone, listening to our favourite songs in the car was so much fun and some of them now remind me of driving around with the roof down, drinking sangria out of the bottle (balance).

If you are travel sick take some pills the ferry can be a bit bouncy. 

Take a good camera, the views are amazing. 

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