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Happy Sunday, Sorry for the hiatus of weekly roundups. My weeks have been so busy I haven’t had much chance to sit down and open my laptop. Alas, they are back, although, with a few weeks of incredible memories missing. Hopefully, I kept everyone up to date on Instagram. After a June packed full of the most amazing memories, everything seems just a bit routine-y at the moment which always leaves me feeling a little on edge. I have tried to use this downtime to throw my attention and time to things at home I have neglected recently. So this is my little weekly round up.

Going up 

Ordered A new bed

After years of mulling over whether to buy a new bed or not, I finally took the plunge and ordered on this week. Last week I took to Instagram to ask everyone’s opinion on whether to buy the Shoreditch bed from next which I have loved for years or the Ariana from Made. The vote was unanimous for the Shoreditch bed, and I am not sure why but I just was not feeling it, despite fangirling over it for years. I loved the Ariana but I am worried they grey padded headboards have had their days and I was conscious I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something which was just a trend. So, in the end, I went with the Roscoe from Made.com and I am so happy. It looks pretty plain but I wanted something classic, risk-free which can stay with me over the years as I move houses. I am so excited to see how it will look in my room. I now just have a 12-week wait whilst they make it.  

Making a start on house jobs 

One of the goals for July was to tackle some house jobs. Now my sister is no longer living with me I wanted to move the house around a bit more to suit how I want to live. This meant coughing up some money and actually making a bit of an effort with tackling some of the jobs we have put off or just buying a few new things which never took priority over holidays. This week along with my bed I ordered a new TV stand. My TV had sat on a table which was smaller than the TV itself for three years and it looked messy. Sunday night after searching and searching for a copy of the Next TV stand I wanted I came across this. It was only £75 and I thought there is no harm in trying it. It was the style I wanted for a fraction of the price and I wouldn’t care if in a few years time I no longer liked it, which is how my decorating style goes. By Thursday night after some flat pack hell and a few mistakes, I had managed to put it all together. I am now a flatpack pro. The stand exceeded my expectations I am beyond happy with it, reaffirming that sometimes you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a space look nice.


This weekend I have been fortunate enough to spend it in Ireland with my Mum, two sisters and Grandma celebrating a lovely friend’s wedding. I have only been to Ireland twice, once with work and once for a day in Dublin where I was poorly all day. I have been excited not only to see a bit more of the country but also to see this lovely lady tie the knot. We arrived on Friday night, flying into Dublin and hiring a car as it was a lot cheaper than flying to Shanon. The wedding was taking place just outside Limerick so we booked an Airbnb not far to the wedding venue and so far it has been the perfect little getaway. Ideally, I would have stayed for a couple more days to see a bit more of the area. I have always wanted a weekend exploring in Ireland ever since watching Ps I love you so this was definitely a good start with lots of prosecco and dancing thrown into the mix. 

Going down

Love Island 

I know shoot me. I had so much hype and anticipation for this series after the success of the previous three. I know there are only a few weeks left but I really beginning to lose interest in it. I didn’t believe for a second the show wasn’t in somewhat staged but there have been comments emerging that just do not sit right with me. I know the contestants put themselves forward, and at the end of the day it is a competition but there are real feelings involved and I find it difficult to watch sometimes. I also find the parts they are focusing on I.E Georgia being ‘loyal’ are just boring now. It is similar to when you see some old z list celeb cropping up on the DailyMail sidebar all the time knowing full well the story has been staged it is just not that entertaining. I hope they can pick it back up before the final. 

No Holidays Booked

Ok, so I know I am currently in Ireland so technically I could class this as a holiday, I am not being ungrateful but 3 days is definitely not enough to class as a holiday. Now Ibiza is over I have no holidays booked for this year, no trips either. In actual fact, I have no major things booked in for the rest of the year. I have fully committed to booking my flights to America by December/ January so I am desperately trying to save for them and keep that trip in the front of my mind but how crap is it when you don’t have any trips to count down to? 


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