Weekly round up

Hey Sunday, definitely a morning for starfishing in my bed. If I have learnt anything from this week, it is to check my planner more. I booked myself up all day every day this week, and I am pretty overwhelmed with how much eating I achieved this week. I know it is undoubtedly a nationwide issue at the moment, but does anyone else become so super spendy with this sunshine? I seem to feel as though I have a never-ending stream of money to encourage me to say yes to everything which is not the case at all. In all honesty, I am having the best time at the moment and I don’t want this summer to end but I seriously need to schedule in some sleep time. This is my weekly roundup. 

Visit to London

On Tuesday I had to zip down to London to check out some venues for work. There is no city I love more than London in the summer, maybe Barcelona but I think London might still pip it. I was lucky enough (any other event loser like me will understand) to get a look around ETC Venues County Hall. When I say lucky, its a bit of an exaggeration as anyone can book to go look around if they want an event there but I have loved this place since we had a visit as a building site. County Hall was deserted by the council in the 70s and left pretty much untouched. It is a grand two listed building so it was amazing to see how they worked the original features into a contemporary design. After work finished, I nipped over to Tiffany’s in Mayfair to get my bracelet fixed and then chilled in London. I am always grateful work gives me the chance to shake up my mid-week routine a little.

 Many catch ups

This week was a perfect of example of how I say yes to everything/ Hate missing out/ and lastly do not consider how close days are to each other. I managed to go out for dinner Tuesday night, cinema Wednesday, dinner at friends Thursday and a delicious crafty burger Friday night, along with an impromtu catch up with another friend after. Followed by family gathering Saturday before our family members left to go back to Australia. Ending with a night out with the girls. It has been so full on but at the same time, I have loved every second of spending time with my favourite people. I am going to make sure next week its a little more chilled mainly so I remember how to cook and have some money by the end of August. 

Mamma mia – here we go again

I am not ashamed in saying I loved the first Mamma Mia, so much so I went to the cinema three times to watch it and bought the CD. Don’t judge 18-year-old Jade. So when I knew there was going to be a sequel I was pretty excited, even more so because I absolutely love Lily James. On Wednesday we did a big cliche girls trip to watch it at the showcase, and it was brilliant. I laughed, cried, devoured a monstrous amount of popcorn and sweets. I would fully recommend watching it if you want to leave the cinema feeling great.  

Power hype 

So I was pretty late to the Power hype on Netflix. I watched series one last year and wasn’t won over by it if I am honest. After literally everyone I follow on Instagram started uploading previews of series five onto their stories I didn’t want to be left out the loop and gave it another go and now I am absolutely hooked. I was hoping for a three-day break from it in Ireland, but instead, I ended up downloading Netflix on my phone and went in search for wifi. It is so good.

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