My Goal Review July

July started lying by the pool in Ibiza so as you can imagine my goals felt pretty well reached at that point. I returned to the UK which was basked in a heatwave so trying to achieve anything but a better tan was pushed to the back of my mind. It wasn’t until halfway through the month when I reminded myself I had at least three books to read, and no idea of the other two goals I had set myself and really needed to get a move on with them.

Bearing in mind the late start with them all I feel July’s goals did not go too badly. Here is a little round up of how they went. 

GOAL 1 –  To tick off some home jobs

Why: It is so easy to abandon jobs in the house during the summer months when you want to be outside. I really want to keep chipping away at the house. I do feel as though it is slowly coming together. I have the ideas just not the time and money. I hoped by making it into a goal it would encourage me to start making some changes. 

How I did: It all seemed to happen in a whirlwind. I purchased my new furniture. Managed to convince my sister (who is amazing at diy) to do some decorating for me IF I took holiday to have my nephew for three days. More than a fair deal to me. I roped my Dad in to help me move things around and just felt like I had a new wave of motivation to get my house looking good again. It is such a slow working progress but setting myself little goals each month helps.

How I feel: I am so pleased. Watching the house evolve slowly over time is so satisfying especially as I don’t let it affect my social life. I like to be out and about travelling around. I will never be one of those overly house proud people who live for making spaces look perfect but I want it to be a nice space, I want it to be a good investment and feel like a home I am proud of. It has taken me longer than I ever imagined but I do feel as though it is coming together. 

GOAL 2 –  To read three books 

Why: I had really let my reading slip. Throughout June I had been slowly tackling The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami and whilst I love his style of writing I find I read these books impossibly slow. I love the stories when I am reading them but as soon as I put the book down I forget all about them. In a bid to tackle some more books this year I thought this goal would be a good kick up the bum to get me back into the groove of always having a book on the go. I naively thought I would have more opportunity to read in Ibiza so this goal was a little more of a squeeze than I thought it would be but probably one of my favourite goals and most effective in improving my mental health. 

How I did: Considering I forgot all about this goal and didn’t read as much as I had hoped in Ibiza I did pretty well. I managed to read two full books, a good section of the book I should have given up on earlier and almost finished the forth one. 

How I feel: How I feel is a weird question I guess for this one. I feel as though I have read some books but I do this anyway. I did learn that it is ok to give up with a book if you are not enjoying it. Reading is supposed to be cathartic, so when you feel as though a book is a chore then it defeats the object of reading for pleasure. It was nice to have a few books on the go which I genuinely looked forward to snatching minutes here and there to get a few pages in. 

GOAL 3 –  To do a ‘summer’ clear out of clothes to a charity shop or Depop/ eBay

Why: Now my sister moved out and left me to live with her boyfriend, boo. I have given the house a little shake up and taken claim over the bigger bedroom and stopped using our spare room as my dressing room/ bedrobe. Moving into a different room made me realise how many unnecessary clothes I had been keeping for ‘summer’ as I didn’t take them on holiday with me I knew some just had to go. I really like to give as much as my old things to the charity shops in my town but as I needed a few new things for the bedroom change around I thought a summer clear out whilst making some money from it would be useful.

How I did: I have actually set myself up a Depop page and popped a few things on eBay and a few bits of furniture on gumtree. I need to get a bit more organised with selling the bulk of unnecessary things in the house but I have made a start.

How I feel: This goal was a massive help because as much as I love the idea of selling unwanted things the reality of actually photographing and listing (which only takes about 10 mins) is horrendous. This goal made me put a bit of time aside to make a start and I really feel that start has got the ball rolling. I do need to make more of an effort with it next week when I get some more time and home but it’s definitely a start. 


My August goals are the following: 

  1. Have a month of no personal purchases – After Ibiza, tv stand, new bed and so many meals out and clothes (I don’t know who I thought I was) in July this is going to be needed. I would love to set myself a goal of no eating out as I know this is where 90% of my money goes, but I just know I would fail in the first week. 
  2. Get back into listening to podcasts 
  3. Plan some city breaks – Uk is fine.  

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