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I haven’t done a media roundup in so long, looking back at my blog this time last year I was posting these on a regular basis so I don’t know what has happened. I felt as though I have had nothing to share but actually I have been rattling through quite a few things so I thought I would get back into the habit of sharing what I have been enjoying lately. 


Now that Love Island is over it has been a battle to find something I want to sit down to every night to help me unwind and feel better about myself because let’s be honest that is why we all love Love Island so much isn’t it? I have been all over Power as most of the people who are close to me will be fully aware of. Every conversation I have at the moment can relate back to Power in some way, every situation, every problem I can give an example of how Power would handle it, I am pathetic. However, power is not. I am fully up to date with all the series after rattling through them. If you have not yet seen this series and are looking for something to binge through it definitely is a 10/10 from me.  I have also been really enjoying the new series of Cuckoo on BBC, I didn’t think it would be might sort of programme but it is so easy and entertaining to watch.  Along with Amazing Interiors on Netflix. I am also keeping an eye out for the release date of Emma Stone’s sort series coming to Netflix called Manic and the BBC’s remake of Vanity fair. A lot of time in front of the TV. 


Films I have not given much time to lately, I haven’t really come across many I want to go see. I did see Mamma Mia 2: here we go again which I absolutely loved, it’s definitely one to watch in the cinema. I watched Get out too, for anyone who hasn’t heard of this film check it out. The reviews are incredible. I have very mixed views of this film, I hate horror so I am not sure how I ended up watching it and after I wasn’t sure it was worth the hype it was given but yet a week later I still can’t stop thinking about it or discussing it with anyone who will engage with me about it, so I am begining to reevaluate how I feel about it. Definitely worth a watch if you like psychological thrillers/ clever horror, it is not your cliche – why are you doing that horror.  I am also desperate to see the new Incredibles film but I might catch that once it has been released and also Bohemian Rhapsody based on Freddie Mercury’s life, but that is not out until October. I do have a list of films I need to catch up on after neglecting films whilst the heatwave hit so hopefully Autumn I will have better recommendations. 


I have set myself a goal to get back into listening to Podcast on a regular basis. I don’t know what has happened lately. I had let podcast literally devour my data which obviously was a massive issue but hopefully, I have figured out how to stop this and I am itching to get back into some. I find podcasts so uplifting and informative and just a good way to block out people’s chat when I am at work. To get me back into them I have rattled through series two of At Home with by Lilly and Anna. I loved their first series so knew this would be a good one to stick with. I have also loved Getting curious by Johnathan Van Ness, the YAS QUEEN star of Queer Eye and I have also started Teacher’s pet about an unsolved murder in Australia because a narrative and a murder are my favourite kind of podcast. I am super excited that My dad wrote a porno series four will be coming out this month as well so I am on a countdown for that. 


I won’t go into reading too much as I have a book stack coming out but after July’s goal to read three books I have actually got the motivation to read back and I have really enjoyed rattling through my birthday books and I have a few more lined up on Amazon. I have recently finished The Cows by Dawn O’porter which I enjoyed far more than I expected to. I would really recommend for a relatable, exciting, captivating read. 

Blog posts

I don’t often share blog posts because there are just so many I enjoy reading and if I did they wouldn’t be an Ad post that is for sure. I am a terrible fellow ‘blogger’ because as soon as I see a post has been sponsored I don’t usually read them. I just assume the words have been written around the product and often is a waste of time. I can see from the photo it is a nice watch and reading why you value time does nothing to make me want to read on or buy the watch, sorry it is just my opinion but contrary to what I have just said I loved this post a few weeks back by Fashion Slave aka Sophie Milner, a blog post I keep going back to. It was sponsored by Say Aloe but they challenged her to follower their 8 tips to mix up routine and add more adventure into her life. As someone who gets bored easily and is easily made anxious by repetitive routine I loved the idea of this and kept relating back to the points to help me shake up my week. 

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