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My weekly roundups have fallen off the wagon completely. I have been so busy lately but it doesn’t feel as though anything noteworthy has really taken place. I have been enjoying the best weeks, clinging on to the days where I can wear shorts all evening long even though they feel as though they are slipping by and putting off the worry of whether or not I will ever fit in my jeans again after this summer. This is my latest weekly round up. 

We made the front cover 

I insta-spammed this so if you missed it I don’t know where you were, but Thursday my phone suddenly went mad with messages and it turned out Todhpurs had made the cover of Horse and Hound magazine. I know to many Horse and Hound is known thanks to Hugh Grant’s Cringey scene when he pretends to be a reporter for them in Notting Hill. Yet to anyone growing up with horses this is the vogue of the equestrian world, the most iconic magazine there is. Released every Thursday it is the go to for reports, results, advice and the best bit horses and ponies for sale along with horse lorries I always dreamed of owning and a leaflet to the take your horse to boarding school – school I always wanted to go to. I made a massive deal out of this because to me and my sisters who work tirelessly to get a small start-up company with rather large overheads off the ground to have the recognition of famous names like Laura is literally a dream come true. It wasn’t a big feature for us but it has already helped so much. We only ever set out to make riding experiences for toddlers and young children better and more enjoyable so to be part of the ‘giving young riders a dream start feature’ was beyond rewarding and I am so grateful for all the parents that take a chance on our product and give us such wonderful feedback. 

Shepherds Hut 

A few months back I wrote about the Shepherds hut my Mum and her Husband Andy has built to rent as a glamping experience in Leicestershire. They finally finished the hut at the end of October just as the rain and the snow began to fall, the rain and snow that stuck with us all the way through winter and spring, finally stopping in April. As you can imagine it took us forever to get the fields dry enough to move the shepherd’s hut to the orchard. Finally ready to move we soon realised we were not going to be able to tow it and would need to get someone in to lift it down instead. At the end of June, the hut was finally in place. Fast forward a month or two the electrics are all fitted, the water is all connected up and the outside toilet is finished so I am super happy to announce that it is open for bookings on Airbnb. I run the Instagram and Facebook for my Mum so if you could be super kind and follow the accounts I would really appreciate it. 

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

When we were younger my friend Catherine, myself and my sister Pip use to watch the Donnie Osmond video of Joseph on repeat every time we stayed at Catherine’s ( I know we were cool). As you are probably aware I love a musical. For someone who is so tone deaf and cannot hold a tune (which I still struggle to come to terms with) I honestly cannot resist an afternoon or evening out at the theatre so when we saw Joseph would be the resident show at Kilworth House outdoor theatre this year it was a no-brainer to book. I purchased the tickets with Pip for Catherine’s birthday along with my Mum and Grandma’s Christmas present and finally got to see it on Sunday night. I think out of all the plays I have seen here this is was my favourite, Probably due to knowing every word to the whole thing but it was so uplifting fun and utterly ridiculous in parts. It was a Sunday night where Gay pride met the Bible and I for one loved it and the standing ovation at the end was a pretty good indication that everyone else did too. I cannot wait to see what they have on next year. 


As you read this I am again fortunate enough to be waking up in Cardiff, a part of me always feels back home in a happy little bubble here. Yesterday I watched one of my favourite couples tie the knot in the most beautiful ceremonies and I am feeling overwhelmed with how lucky I am to share so many of these amazing days with friends I have met along the way. I love nothing more than a trip back to Cardiff but this one has been so special, catching up with friends and watching two people who I have watched their relationship grow into this point finally become a married couple has been my favourite yet. I knew this anyway but they turned out to be ultimate couple goals, when Amy a Cardiff blues fan (we don’t ask) allowed her husband-to-be to go to the first premier league match on the day of their wedding before the church. Unfortunately all she is now a married woman, but who wouldn’t put a ring on that? He is one lucky guy.

New floor 

I purchased all my new floorboards and underlay back in January, but knowing I would have to clear the lounge and dining room out I just kept putting it off and off and I don’t know what changed but I finally decided to commit to ripping up the faux pine 90s floor I had downstairs. Throughout the week it has gradually been replaced with some oak laminate which is also in the kitchen and I am so pleased with the difference it makes to the downstairs. When we bought the house we had new skirting put in because I hated the old stuff but I didn’t want to pay for new floors and have beading so I decided to replace the skirting board as well. Despite the additional cost, it did make me reevaluate the skirting board and I have gone with something a lot easier to dust. It was also a great opportunity to have a big clear out, and shift furniture around. I am so happy with how it all looks. I am going to add some more furnishing over the next few weeks and hopefully update with photos when I can. 

Getting a haircut in

I always feel my best when I have had my haircut, the lovely lady I always go to (Lotte at The Barn for anyone looking for a lovely hairdresser) is so friendly and I always leave with bouncy, healthy hair, a smile on my face and new boost of confidence from our little catch up yet I was finding I was only booking in to get my hair cut once or twice a year. I have long hair and I tie it back a lot or just leave it to do whatever it wants so a lot of the time it wasn’t a priority of mine. If I am honest it saved me a bit not going that often but in a bid to make more time for myself and improve my self-care I decided to make regular appointments ever 3-6 months instead for 6 -12. Whilst I wasn’t sure what difference I could make to my hair without making a drastic change I am so glad I went. I forget each time how good my hair looks after a fresh cut, how much healthier it is and easier it is to manage. A little reminder that its good to chill out and take care of yourself more often. 



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