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Ah, what a week. I wanted to make sure I kept up with my weekly round up but this week has been bloody hard. I managed to catch a cold which to me felt like death was looming and there was nothing I could do to shift the coughing, sneezing and relentless need to sleep. Alas the weekend arrived, I got few a fair few cold and flu tablets and a lot of sleep and I am just about back to feeling ok again. I think I have just been too busy lately and it was my body’s way of not letting me take on any more. Despite feeling full of cold and unbelievably sorry for myself some joy has come from the week and it wasn’t just from Australian Love Island which I am totally hooked on. 

My Cousin’s Birthday in Birmingham

My (not so) little cousin turned 18 this week. Being 10 years older it was something I find difficult to get my head around, we get on so well I struggle to see how there is a whole decade between the two of us. I think we are so similar and have a lot in common. I guess as you get older that age gap closes, I have many friends who are more than ten years older than me who I spend a lot of time with but I think the relationship between 10 and 20 is so much different between 18 and 28. Now to me, it feels as though we are two adults having a good time together. 

I was in Cardiff on Sunday when the family held a party for her so to make up for missing it and to get around having no idea what to buy an 18 year old who is way cooler than I am (ok so there may still be a few differences in that ten year gap) I decided to treat her to a day in Birmingham. She (she does have a name but I like to keep them out of my blog) is also off to uni this September so I wanted a day with her before she departed for the best three years of her life. 

We started off the day with a coffee and a bit of cake in the city centre, a mooch around the shops at things we could not afford, and some makeup purchases before heading to the Alchemist for some of my favourite smokey cocktails. The afternoon was topped off with lunch at Birmingham’s new Ivy restaurant. Having loved passed trips to the Ivy in London I thought this would be a nice way to spend the afternoon, catching up, eating delicious food and somewhere a bit more special without having to go all the way into London. The restaurant was lovely, decorated as flamboyantly and over the top as you would imagine. The service was attentive and considerate and the food was delicious, we left feeling comatosed with food. I would really recommend a meal followed by some cocktails over the road. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go for more cocktails after as I had planned but it was a lovely afternoon celebrating my cousin turning into an adult, after a day seeing her legally buy alcohol I still can’t get my head around her not being a little girl anymore.  


This post has gone up a day late because I was in Manchester yesterday. We travelled up on Saturday for a good old Saturday out with the girls. I had never been to Manchester and with a friend living not far from the city centre it had been on the radar of things to do for a long time. We arrived about four and headed straight to the city centre about 5 for dinner and drinks and Dukes92 which was delish. The night continued thanks to Em and her thoughtful planning to 20 stories which is the cutest rooftop bar and resturant in Manchester. The bar has 360 degree views of the city, everything so well thought out, I could move in.Along with the cutest little vip igloo/huts we managed to bag. The night got as you can imagine a little messy from that point on, we followed the night with more bars and dancing before a very ropey taxi ride home. The trip was short and sweet but I am already looking forward to another visit.

Rattling through house jobs

I am aware that home posts are annoying, they are boring but I have had a splurge of home jobs completed lately and I am so grateful. The kitchen took a lot of the budget to complete and it is so difficult living in mess and turmoil of moving things around etc I was reluctant to start anything again. It took months for me to commit to the new floor in the lounge and dining room which was completed last week. After seeing what a difference the change in floor and skirting had made, it made me more determined to keep going with the little projects so this week saw the oak window board finally ordered for the kitchen, doors fitted, and the skirting board fully painted in the dining room. Along with the first garden tidy up and lawn mow since June, can you believe it. I really need to make a start on painting the lounge skirting, going to IKEA to pick up a much-needed order and painting the doors upstairs. Step by step I really feel as though I have made a big difference to the house this year. 

A bank holiday 

After a summer filled with so much a bank holiday is exactly what was needed this weekend. I know I am probably alone in saying that I am also glad it rained a little. I really needed some downtime at home. The prospect of a new seaon on its way makes me want to get my life all in check for September. I don’t know if it is that back to school feeling but I like everything to be fresh, new and organised for September and with my friend’s wedding next weekend where I am maid of honour I needed a few days of putting my feet up to prepare myself for a lot of dancing. Just a little FYI the new series of my dad wrote a porno podcast is out today, yup you can thank me later. 

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