My Goal Review – August

My Goal Review – August

I was looking back at content from the beginning of the year and found I had uploaded a post on why I was not setting goals for 2018 and here I am rattling through them monthly. Perhaps I should have stuck to my guns and had a goal-free year but I don’t think I have the personality to not have things to work towards, but this months goal’s I have to admit have not been the greatest success. I have found August a little overwhelming to say the least. I have felt so busy and had little time at home to chill out and enjoy any me time. Nonetheless, I am going to carry on with this monthly process while I can, whilst I may not achieve all the things I set out to do in one month. These three little goals do help to somewhat keep me on track. 

GOAL 1 –  A month of no personal purchases 

Why:  I spent rather a lot in July, I got a bit carried away on new purchases and with so many occasions and weddings on the horizon, I thought if I stopped purchases, evaluated what I already had etc it would help me put some money aside. 
How I did:  I could beat around the bush, make up serval excuses, give you some examples of when I did well but in the end, I folded and to be honest I even forgot I was on my no spend month and made some Urban decay purchases along with some new home furnishing. This is not the first time I have set this goal and subsequently failed. I see the end of the month as payday and it gets me every time. If I am honest, not buying anything doesn’t save me any more money. I don’t know whether I went out for food more, spent too much in the supermarket or became too spendy at the weddings but yeah I didn’t do well. 
How I feel:  I never like to not succeed at something, so I don’t feel great about this. Saving money is what I struggle with the most and I am always looking at ways to improve this so it is definitely a goal I need to develop and work on. Despite feeling a little negative this goal does always highlight the many things I impulse buy and soon forget. At least it stops me from this but I do find many buys I just pushed back to buying the next month when the ban is lifted. Work is definitely needed.

GOAL 2 –  Get back into listening to podcasts 

Why:  I really love podcasts, they can entertain or teach you so much whilst being able to do so many other things. I don’t know if it was another form of media I just wanted to get into but ever since finding podcast I enjoyed I never looked back. The only problem to ever arise is finding one you really love. They are like a Netflix series, you get hooked and then they are done and you have to wait until the next good one to come around. But with my library stacking up I wanted to put time aside to listen to them and this was the perfect goal to set to help me switch off a little.

How I did:  This was actually a goal I stuck at. I was hooked on The Australian’s podcast called A teacher’s pet about an unsolved murder case in Australia from the 1980’s and I was fortunate enough that my favourite podcast which needs no introduction, My dad wrote a.. released it’s fourth series on Monday so I had that on a constant loop all weekend. It was nice putting time aside to listen to them again.

How I feel: Sometimes I feel this question doesn’t work for all my goals because listening to a podcast doesn’t make me feel much different. I enjoy that they are informative and I laugh so much at my dad wrote a. Sometimes it is the escape needed. I am pleased I set the goal to make me put the time aside for them at least. 

GOAL 3 – Plan some city breaks 

Why: With no more holidays planned this year I wanted some little getaways in the diary to give me something to look forward to.

How I did:  not entirely awful. Bank holiday was spent in Manchester, a city I had actually never been to before other than to fly out of. The weekend was so much fun and whilst I didn’t see much of the city in the daytime I did have an amazing weekend with my friends. I have also got some weekends planned in London with my girls and then anything between now and Christmas will depend solely on how many more jobs I do to the house and how my car mot goes, boo.

How I feel: I am so grateful I had the weekend away in Manchester with my friends. I had been really poorly on the run up to it and I had been stressing a bit about all the money I had been spending lately but it was such a good weekend away with some of my favourite people. I also love nothing more than London plans, it is one of my favourite cities in the world so I need no convincing to spend any time down there. I would have ideally liked to get a little Europe trip in. I still need to do Germany and their Christmas markets and a Hygge filled weekend in Copenhagen so we shall see. 

So my August goals I have put more thought into and tried to really think of what I can achieve next month and what I want to get out of the beginning of Autumn so I have set the following:

  1. Sort my 80+ photos I have had printed into photo albums and get a few more printed from the summer – more the merrier hey. 
  2. Cook a new recipe each week, one I have not cooked before
  3. Start running and exercise routine again 


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