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Strictly is back on our screens so technically it should be Autumn right? I have mentioned many times that I am in no rush to wave goodbye to summer. Our summer this year has been amazing and one I am sure many of us will remember but I can’t hide the fact that some of my favourite things about Autumn and September are beginning to creep in. From the first show of strictly to the Rugby season to Sunday night tv at my Grandma’s. I do really love the downtime we get from Autumn and winter but there are some things I am determined not to repeat in my autumn nostalgia and that is increasing my dinner portions and mixing in heavy meals because hey, baggy clothes can be a thing again, and also letting my gym and running slip. I felt really good about myself this summer because I had spent so much of spring eating well and exercising a lot and I don’t want to let that go because I can now begin to hide under coats and scarves. Anyway, enough of that, this is my weekly roundup. 

Going up

Rugby season

This weekend marked the first prem game at home for Leicester Tigers. After a disastrous start last weekend to Exeter which was completely expected I was excited to throw on my layers and head down there with my Dad. This is my third season watching them at Welford road and still whilst I don’t know all the ins and outs I am beginning to get a good understanding of it. I have mentioned a number of times how much I value these days with my Dad and lapping up the atmosphere you only get at sports games when fans are so passionate they will brave wind, rain and snow just to cheer the boys on. It was good to have my little radio, cider and chicken tikka pie back in my hand. Definitely felt Autumn was upon us.

Bondi sands Fake tan

A slightly random entry for this weeks weekly round up but I cannot get enough of this fake tan. My sister bought it by fluke at East Midlands airport when I forgot to transfer her other fake tan out of my hand luggage and it was chucked in the bin. She picked this one up as it was less expensive than St Tropez etc, sitting mid-range between the others. Pip tried it in Ibiza and it was an instant hit, the colour is a lot more natural than many I have tried, it feels hydrating on the skin instead of drying it and it smells of coconut and not that biscuity fake tan smell. I was won over. The only issue was she had bought the light to medium and after showering it off it didn’t leave much colour on me. So this week I bought the dark, a little worried about what colour I would wake up to but I was so impressed. It is easy to apply and looks really natural. It is going to be my go to this winter. 

Day off with my nephew

I somehow landed myself with my nephew for a few days in September. I forget how fast he grows up and how much his vocabulary develops despite seeing him a few times a week. He is currently at the stage of a constant barrage of questions. Whhhy? after everything. It is exhausting, nevertheless, these are the days I look forward to the most even if I was desperate to go to bed at 6 pm. We spent the morning at the farm taking pixie for rides and picking fruit in the orchard before having lunch and baking an apple pie, watching secret life of pets before going back to the farm for another trip out on pixie. He makes me laugh so much, he is such a character and always so happy to spend time with me and Dougal, doing whatever. He costs a fortune, eats all my food and does not get tired but it was a really nice day away from work. I then went for a run and swimming with my friend, it was a lot for one Wednesday, I am already worried about how tired I am going to feel on our day off next week. 

Dinner and Drinks with the girls

On Thursday my lovely friend Sarah and her partner were home for a visit so there was no better excuse to get everyone together at the pub for a few drinks and a catch-up. It is so easy to go by each week just going to work and getting jobs done that it was nice to drop everything and just go spend some time with everyone for a good old gossip. Friday night followed with American themed dinner at my younger sisters house, we made burgers, fries and shakes and have a good old chinwag with everyone. It is always nice just having some low key catch ups, putting the world to rights and not feeling exhausted by it the next day.

Going down

Losing my favourite trainer

Like any idiot would do, in my rush to get the car packed for Catherine’s wedding last week I placed my favourite New Balance trainers on the roof of my friend’s car. I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea, I don’t know how I forgot I put them there but long story short I now only have one of my favourite trainers, one I cannot bear to throw away. We were wondering why we were having so many looks as we made the drive from Bedford to Milton Keynes. Vainly we just thought we looked nice, and passersby could see we had our hair done and flowers in the car. Only to realise when we arrived one of my trainers had hung on the whole way because the shoelace was trapped in the boot door. Out of all the situations where losing my trainer was the only option, I am glad one made the journey as I would be losing my mind trying to find them both. Annoyingly the ones I wanted are in the sale on New Balance but not in my size and doesn’t look like they were making a return. I did find a near identical pair on eBay, owned but not worn for £10 which I won, so it hasn’t been too bad, although I am still hoping the other one magically turns up definitely wishful thinking. 

The in the middle season

I am not wishing the warmer weather away. I have loved this summer, we have been unbelievably lucky. However, at the moment I feel as though we are stuck in this in-between season. Unable to bbq and step out in our summer wardrobe but still not quite cold enough to cosy under a duvet or crack the knitwear out. I am slightly excited for Autumn to begin and just get a bit of time to myself but at the moment I don’t feel as though I am enjoying the benefits of either season I am just waiting for summer to finally end to enjoy Autumn, anyone else feeling like this?

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