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If the tv planner is anything to go by, autumn has well and truly hit. My social plans are being scrapped left right and centre in exchange for a cosy night in my pjs with pasta, my pooch and box sets. I am not sorry at all. The box sets and series have exploded over recent weeks so I thought I would share some of my favourites and a few that are on my to watch list.  

Killing Eve – BBC

This is a new series to BBC which you may have already heard of, despite being a BBC series it has already aired in America and has gone down a storm. The whole box set is now uploaded onto Iplayer, so there is no need to wait for the weekly episodes. 

The 8 part drama which has already been signed for series two, is based on the novel Codename Villanelle. Eve an M15 agent who becomes obsessed with tracking down a female assasin Villanelle, who is responsible for some brutal murders across the world. In turn, Villanelle becomes obsessed with Eve and soon begins a game of cat and mouse.

The Bodyguard – BBC

The bodyguard was the first series I really got into this side of autumn and was instantly hooked. I am not aware of many people who aren’t. The Bodyguard tells a fictional story of David a war veteran with a troubled past who takes on the role as a specialist protection officer for the Met. He is assigned the role to protect the current Home Secretary Julia Montague, who is everything David and his ex-army friends who were left physically and mentally scarred from their time serving hate after taking no responsibility or issuing no apologies for the governments actions that left them that way. David finds himself torn between his job and what he believes in. The series had me instantly hooked, waiting for the next episode. They are all up on BBC Iplayer so catch up whilst you can. 

Vanity Fair – ITV

Is it Autumn without a period drama? My Grandma and I love a Sunday night with a 9 pm programme to settle down to with a cup of tea (rather it is not on ITV though because of adverts) but we were thrilled when we saw the remake of Vanity fair was going to hit our screens as a 10 part series in September. Vanity Fair based on the novel of the same name by William Thackery follows the lives of Becky Sharp and Emmy Sedley along with their families during the Napoleonic wars. This is a different period drama, whilst the characters and costumes are as you would expect and the storyline as it should be, there has been slapstick humour added in, it is so different to the Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge type dramas but still with the period fix we all need in the winter.

Maniac – Netflix

Maniac made the list on my love for Emma Stone alone. Until I sat down to write this post I had no idea what the series was about, but my confidence in the work she chooses makes me happy to recommend this to the must-watch list. The series is set to air on September 21st on Netflix. Categorised a sci- fi dark comedy, it isn’t my usual watch but the story follows Emma Stones and Jonah Hill’s characters as they take part in a drugs trial. There isn’t much more information out on the series so I guess you are just going to have to watch and see.

Stranger – ITV

Strangers first aired on September 10th on ITV, with one episode of the 8 part series airing every Monday. I first saw the advert to Strange at the cinema and genuinely thought it was a trailer to a film, it looked so good. The series follows Professor Jonah Mulray, whose life changes when he learns his wife has been killed in a car crash in Hong Kong where she had been working for the past 6 months. Now forced to overcome his fear of flying Jonah must travel to Hong Kong to identify his wife’s body. On arrival, he finds out a shocking truth and is drawn in a web of conspiracy in an unfamiliar place.

Unforgotten – Netflix and ITV

Unforgotten is not a new series but still one to watch. The first two series are now on Netflix, thank god because is there anything worse than ITV hub (mine never resumes, I don’t have anything against ITV per se). Unforgotten follows a similar pattern, a body has been found, identified as being buried for 20+ years and it is left to the detectives DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunny Khan to uncover the mysteries that surround the bodies. This series was perfect if you love a bit of ‘who dunnit’ crime/ thriller. The narrative is good and for most of them, I was left wondering which of the characters would be uncovered as the murderer. Definitely, one to watch, all three series are on ITV as well if you don’t have Netflix. 

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