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It finally feels as though the seasons have taken a turn this week. Leaving the house in the morning without a coat is no longer an option. Thursday morning the nostalgia for autumn came with a harsh reality check when it was pitch black and chucking it down with rain when I left for spin at 6 am. This summer was by far one of the best I  have ever had and I feel as though I packed it full of so many wonderful memories but for once I am not sad to start winding down for the rest of the year, get my head down with work and have more evenings to work on Todhpurs and my blog. This week I went through waves, some days I had so much motivation for gym and exercise other days I wanted to stay at home and clean the house and have some sorting days so I have tried to just listen to what I want and it has actually resulted in getting so much done which feels great. This is my weekly roundup.

Going up

Winstanley House

Tuesday was my last day of September daycare with my Nephew George. I am sure there will be a few days I have him before the year is out but I am welcoming the break of daycare as it is bloody hard work. After a windy start out riding on Pixie, we went to meet my Mum at Winstanley for lunch. This is my favourite place to eat in Leicester. I cannot begin to explain how delicious the food is, I am still dreaming about the sauce my lunch came in. The service was amazing they really looked after George despite it being a very nice restaurant they had a good children’s menu and really made a fuss of him which helped to keep him entertained for quite a while. If you have not visited this restaurant and you live in Leicestershire you should book, they do breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and bottomless brunch so there really is something for everyone and the grounds are so beautiful. I did a review of their black Iron restaurant last year which you can read here. 

Tidy home tidy mind- or something like that?

After George left on Tuesday I convinced myself to get my gym kit on and get my lazy bum down to the gym. With my trainers on I suddenly had the urge to get on with jobs in the garden which I had been putting off for MONTHS! Two hours I was out there for and I made such a difference. I felt Physically like I had done something and also the feeling of having achieved something I had put off for a long time felt amazing. Sometimes doing something for your mental health over your physical can have better rewards. I felt so much more relaxed in the evening knowing that was no longer on my mind. 

Massage with my sister 

My sister treated me to a back massage this week as a thank you for looking after her dog whilst she was away on one of her 8 holidays this year. She booked us in at a little place in a village called Narborough near us and it just wanted I needed. Yoga earlier that day had been a struggle as my back and neck just felt so tight. The masseuse was brilliant, she got all the knots and tension out of the top of my back and shoulders, I left feeling so relaxed and happy. I have decided massages along with haircuts need to be something I work into my year more regularly as I feel so much better now. 

Killing Eve

I mentioned Killing Eve on BBC in my Autumn TV to watch list but at the point of writing it, I had not watched any. I am now four episodes in and completely hooked. The whole box set is uploaded on BBC Iplayer so I would really recommend some sofa time to catch up on it.

Pukka Cleanse tea bags 

Forever (no exaggeration) I have avoided anything mint related in food and drink (unless it’s a mojito of course) because I didn’t think I liked it. This was until my friend’s wedding when I had a peppermint tea first thing and literally everything changed. I love the Pukka tea bags range I do feel better when I drink them. I had been buying the detox tea bags for a while which I started the day with but a few weeks back I bought the cleanse tea bags ( They don’t do what you think) which contain peppermint, fennel and nettle. I cannot get enough of them. I have one cup in the morning and maybe another at night but it is such a refreshing start to the day. Peppermint has so many health benefits and I have seen a big difference in how bloated I feel throughout the day, although this may also have something to do with the fact I haven’t consumed any drinks containing caffeine for the last two weeks ( except for a few soft drinks etc at the weekend but they don’t count).

Going Down


My car actually did ok, I only have one small thing to fix but they are still bloody annoying aren’t they? September seems to roll around faster than any other month of the year!

Blog photos

My blog photos have been terrible this year, I can just about find enough time in the evening to write these blogs but trying to think of what photos to take and find the time to take them is proving so difficult. Thanks to unsplash I am able to still post these blogs. It is going to be a task for Autumn and winter to try and make more effort. I am looking forward to a new phone upgarde with a better camera so I can get more images on the go. Maybe wishful thinking? 

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