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This is a slightly lengthy and random post, one I have not done before nor will I probably repeat again. Lately, a lot of friends and people I know have asked how I schedule and use my time to fit things in and stay on top of everything. I am quite fortunate I have a lot of factors that help me cram so much in. My work and home are very close to each other, it takes less than five minutes to get to the office. Todhpurs’ office is only five miles away from my house if I need to do anything there that cannot be done from home, I don’t have full commitment to my horse, someone will check him for me if I cannot make it to the farm. I have a cleaner and my social life revolves around the weekend unless I can do something local with the girls in the week. These are all things I  prioritised to make my life easier, not the job, the location of the office to the house I own was just pure luck.

I wanted to share what an average week looks like for me and how I spend my time to keep social media for Todhpurs and Shepherd’s hut (we rent out) up to date.  My work done, Dog walked, the horse looked after, blog ticking over and look after my house whilst it is still going through its minor renovation. So this is just a snippet of one week. 

Monday 18th September

Wake up at 3 am because Dougal wants to go outside, at that point, I rule out spinning before work and turn two alarms down to one. Finally, wake up at 7:30 quick hop in the shower, clean teeth and throw some clothes on, perfume etc and head downstairs.  Feed Dougal, stick some toast in, grab a peppermint tea and settle down on the sofa for 30 mins to update Todhpurs and Shepherd’s hut Instagram’s with photos I scheduled the night before. This leaves me with 25 minutes to read more of the book I am currently reading Tattooist of Auschwitz (I am hooked). 8:35 I head off to work looking like a handmaid because it is raining and my hood is massive. Monday morning is packed with meetings so it flies by. 1:30, time for lunch. I drop my car off for it’s dreaded Mot and then home for some crumpets (I know but its cold out) and a bit more time to read my book. Work is meeting free in the afternoon so it means I can prep everything ready for my day off tomorrow and I am sneaking out 20 minutes early to go get my car back. Car thankfully only failed on one minor thing, massive sigh of relief. Go home prep all veg for a homemade soup and pasta bake, desperate to use the old food up whilst laughing away to this weeks my dad wrote a porno podcast. Manage to sneak some more pages of my book before I get a lift to the horses, lunge Rooney and walk Dougal and quickly watch my sister jump. Smother the horses with kisses before I head home. Have a proper shower to wash my hair, finish off the pasta bake and blend up the soup whilst taking some photos for the blog. Finally, settle down on the sofa at 8 pm with pasta to catch up on last nights bodyguard and type up a blog post on all the autumn tv I am loving. I read my favourite blogs, Sophie Cliff, Fashion Slave and The Anna edit before starting episode one of Killing Eve (I am instantly hooked). 10 pm rolls around and its time to clear the kitchen, hang my washing out, put new bed sheets on my bed and switch off for the night. Few notes in my gratitude journal of what went well today, finished the book because I couldn’t put it down and then it is off to sleep. 


Alarm goes at 7:15, bathroom, clothes and dog and I am out the front door on the way to the farm. It is one of the days of this month I look after George. By 8 am the stables are done and we go in for breakfast at my Mum’s which is great because there is so much food to choose from. 09:30 my cousin arrives with her little girl and we take the kids on a very blustery ride with the ponies. I have got my camera with me because I need some more lifestyle images for Todhpurs. Between us, there are four dogs, two kids, two ponies. Who said don’t work with Children and animals? Because they were absolutely right. After a couple of rounds of tears and tantrums we are finished by 11 and it is straight home to get scrubbed and changed as George and I are meeting my mum at Winstanley (I have taken the spare mini because boo my car is still broken) I still manage to curl my hair, George is so well behaved and dresses himself in his super cute outfit which means at 11:50 we have time to go to Morrisons for supplies, ie all the magazines and colouring stuff to entertain a child at an expensive restaurant. We arrive at Winstanley a bit early so wait for Mum to finish her meetings by adding a few drinks onto her tab and order our food. We sit down the three of us in the restaurant and enjoy a really nice meal. (If you are from Leicestershire you need to go). My lovely friend meets us for a quick catch up after we have finished. George restless at this point begins to shout boobies as often as he can and leaves mum and I in tears of laughter whilst we desperately try to tell him to stop. We eventually leave feeling very full and go home. George thankfully is picked up early so it means I can get another episode of Killing Eve and a snooze on the sofa in before I go to the gym. 5 pm I get ready for the gym, I decided I would rather do the jobs in the garden I have been putting off for weeks and spend two hours doing house jobs and mentally feel so much better for it. 7 pm my Dad comes around for dinner, thankfully he only wants the soup I made last night and a cup of tea so we catch up for an hour or so, chatting about last week’s rugby highlights. It is nice to see him. Finally, on my own, I sort Todhpurs orders for tomorrow as it is my turn and send them over to be shipped, edit the blog post for tomorrow and schedule my Instagram posts. Finally, it is 9 pm and I am on episode 3 of Killing eve. So hooked it is untrue. The rest of the night follows a similar pattern to the night before although I have no book to keep me up. 


Wake up at 7:30, feeling fresh. Hop in the shower and hurry downstairs for breakfast, today it is crumpets with a cleanse pukka tea and a catch up on Towie (I know, one of many guilty pleasures) realise it is bin day, and so many things begin to go wrong and for the first time in 5 and a bit years I realise I may be late for work. I hurry around. Work is so full on at the minute as I have a big annual conference next week so I am in and out of meetings all morning. 12 pm meeting finishes just before 13:00 so I dash across the business park to get to lunchtime yoga, hoping for a relaxing session I came out with aching core and jelly legs and an appetite for a lot more than the vegetable pesto pasta I had for lunch. The afternoon whizzed by filled with conference prep, it was 5 pm before I knew it and I was out of the door. I grab some dinner as soon as I get home as I want to try this Intermittent fasting out so soup and a roll it is. I then clear the spare room for an hour before walking Dougal, having a shower and washing my hair, drying it and leaving the house at 7 to pick my sister up, It is massage time. We get to the spa for 7:30 enjoy the nicest mid-week massage and leave feeling so fresh. After swapping the mini for my Car at Mum’s and dropping pip home it is nearly nine and I have a bit of time on the sofa to watch Killing eve and schedule Todhpurs and the hut’s Instagram posts for tomorrow and start writing this blog up. I read Sophie Cliff’s, The Anna Edit and Hannah Gale’s blogs then head to bed, read a few pages of a book I have found called the couple next door and talk to my friend Em about all the food we love and how much we hate fasting, it has been four hours oops. 


The alarm goes off at 5:50, is it dark out or am I imaging it? Nope, it is pitch black and chucking it down with rain, autumn is here. Despite trying to think of many excuses to stop me from going I need to go to spin because I have a really busy day. Get to spin at 6:10 I am a bit early so I manage to get on the bike and upload a new listing on to eBay via my phone whilst we wait for the class to fill up. I am starving because I am still fasting from my soup at 5 yesterday, spin class was great and 7:10 I go to the gym for 20 minutes to do my ab and glutes circuit before heading home at 7:30 for a shower. 8 am rolls around and I am done with fasting, I have two crumpets and a hobnob because I have zero energy from this morning, upload the Instagram photos scheduled from last night, respond to a few Todhpurs emails and leave for work in the rain listening to the Teacher’s pet podcast. Work is really busy filled with event prep so again whizzes by. 1:00 I go for lunch, quick dash around Morrisons as I am cooking for a friend tonight then I drop my car off at the garage to get fixed, it is more leftover chilli sweet potato soup for lunch before racing back to work. Work has quietened down, few things to tick off before everything is sent out to delegates on Friday and then it is 5 pm and I am walking home. With my car in the garage, I don’t have to go to the horses, feeling a bit guilty as I haven’t seen Rooney since Tuesday. I walk Dougal for an hour listening to the new series of Serial podcast. Get home put everything away and clean the house as the cleaner comes on Fridays which obviously means I need to clean first. Lauren is coming for dinner tonight so after a quick polish of the house and some of my clothes away I start cooking, making the prawn and chorizo risotto I recently learnt to cook. Enjoy much-needed sofa night of chat, wine and pudding before going to bed around midnight.


My alarm goes off at 7, shower etc, get dressed walk Dougal up into the town as I forgot to get money out for the cleaner. Get home tidy all the kitchen and have a quick crumpet. I am not actually hungry but leaving the house without breakfast would be weird. I have an eBay parcel I need to post at lunch so I get that ready, post on Instagram accounts, respond to Todhpurs emails, feed Dougal, grab my snacks and leave my house. The office is quiet which means I can get my head down and finish the prep needed for the event this week. 13:15 rolls around and I decide I need a break and to go for lunch. A walk up into town which takes about ten minutes to post the eBay parcel then I am heading home listening to Episode 2 of Serial. Get home to my housemate and her friend making us smashed avocado on toast with poached eggs and chilli jam for lunch, is there anything better? A quick upload to Instagram a lie down on the sofa no sooner is it time for me to leave the two of them and Dougal watching tv and head back to work. The afternoon is a struggle, I have been so busy working this week I hit a peak and go get a coffee with sugar to try and wake me up and get through to 5 pm. Finally, I get to go home, scoot off to chill with the girls at home before the garage calling to say my car is ready to collect. Grab Dougal and we walk the 2 miles to the garage, find out he has also put it through its mot too and it has passed, I am thrilled as it means I no longer have to take it on Monday. Drive home and then go over to my Mum’s house to see Rooney, he had his back checked today so I will finally be able to ride him next week. My sister is cooking here for the ‘Friday night crew’ (we have met twice on Friday and I have already renamed us) finish and off home just after 11 because I am so tired, get in hit the pillow and I am out. Been a busy week. Dreading the six-day working week next week. 


Looking back over last week I definitely should have fitted a few more gym sessions in and a couple less episodes of Killing Eve but it really is about finding that balance of doing work to build things up and finding the time to relax.

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