My goal review September

How do the months go by so fast? I cannot believe we are in October and I have already started buying Christmas presents. The goals I set were reflective of the changing seasons, wanting to stay home a bit more, eat wholesome foods and relax a little without losing out on feeling active and reaping the benefits exercises brings me. Overall I feel I have done quite well this month so here is my goal review of September. 

Goal One – Sort my 80+ photos I have had printed into photo albums

(and get a few more printed from the summer – more the merrier hey?)

Why: I wanted to set this goal because I have so many photos in the house. I have a lot of framed photos and nowhere to put them. I also had a lot of photos still in their Snapfish case. Some I had planned to frame, some I had no clue what to do with but I wanted to print them to make sure I didn’t forget about those memories.

How I did:  I made a start on this project at the beginning of the month keen to get them all sorted. I started by organising them all into categories, family, friends, pets, travel and of course one for George himself. It took me until the end of the month to get more printed and an album ordered because I overspent by quite a lot in Manchester and Ikea over the bank holiday in August. I had my eye on these albums from Paperchase which I could personalise. Because of the cost, I couldn’t buy enough to finish them all but it is going to be an ongoing project. It has really help me stop and think what am I going to do with a photo if I get it printed.

How I feel: I will feel better once it is all done, this week I placed an order with Snapfish and bought a new photo album. I am going to get a new album every month until they are finished and do each organised pile in order. I love photos but I do agree with my sister I have a lot around my house and little room to put any more up. I love looking through photos and memories so I am really glad I have done this. It has also made me more selective of the photos I want to print and those I should just save on my laptop to look back on. 

Goal Two – Cook a new recipe each week, one I have not cooked before

Why:  When I am cooking for just myself I can be really lazy, I reach for the pesto more often than I would care to admit and when inviting my friends around I soon panic that my signature dish is actually nachos and I really need to have some more go to meals to offer to friends. 

How I did:  I didn’t make a new recipe each week due to time and money by the end of the month but I gave it a good go and it got me cooking more and making more wholesome meals which is what I wanted from this goal. I have a few other meals I want to make in the next few weeks including my favourite Hello Fresh recipe my sister makes me, a mac and cheese recipe and I want to make a good stew with dumplings. I nailed a chorizo and Prawn Risotto which I was surprised was so easy to make, I have whipped up a couple of batches of soup and just thought about using what I already have in the cupboard so overall I feel this goal was a success. 

How I feel: Cooking is not my strong point, I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to food and I don’t know how to make things taste better. My go to is to pour in wine add some pepper and hope for the best. So making some new meals which turned out well felt great. I also baked two crumbles for pudding and remembered how much I liked baking so I might start doing a bit more of that this winter now the kitchen is all done. I am pleased I did this and I am going to continue each month finding new things to cook

Goal Three – Start running and exercise routine again

Why: Over the summer I am good at staying active, I will ride, walk, go to the gym in the morning and do yoga but the transition from light mornings to dark rainy starts can really hinder my progress, especially as the nights begin to draw in and I can no longer ride after work or walk Dougal for miles. I do however really let my running slip throughout the summer along with gym attendance so I really wanted to get back into a habit of making the gym a regular feature in my week. 

How I did:  I feel quite good about this goal too. There was one week in September I really struggled to make many sessions and I am still struggling with spin because work has been so busy waking up feels impossible somedays but I have been going to the gym, running, doing circuits and swimming and I do feel slowly I am getting back into seeing the gym and exercise as something I need to do most days.

How I feel: I feel so much better when I am in this frame of mind, even after a bad work out I feel better than I did after no workout. I am so pleased a friend of mine and I have taken up swimming on a Wednesday. It is a really effective way to unwind in the evening, do a bit of exercise and see a friend. I am hoping this will get easier as well as soon as the clocks go back.


Goals for October

  1. Practice Yoga at home at least once a week for 30 mins +
  2. Start sorting out the utility as it will be the next room to renovate 
  3. To plan when to holiday I need to use so I have a bit of time off (Doesn’t need to be in October) 

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