Weekly round up

Good morning! It is actually Monday morning and chucking it down with rain, a day late because I really couldn’t be bothered with writing over the weekend.  Instead, I am quickly typing it out before I go to work, which is fine because I couldn’t sleep anyway. After World Mental Health day I promised myself I wouldn’t go through this post pretending my week was rosy and fine because the weekend was pretty shit, nothing I won’t get over but it definitely wasn’t all sunshine and smiles and I feel it is equally as important to share the bad as I do the good. I will be out of wallowing in self-pity in no time I am sure, it is important to remember you can feel sad just don’t hold on to it and worry about it, it will pass and excitement will fill you again in no time. Despite the rather miserable weekend in many ways, the rest of the week was filled with some real highs so this is my delayed weekly round up! 

Going up 

Evening rides in the autumn sunshine

After this summer I never thought we would be lucky enough to be graced with sunshine ever again, yet here we are with the hottest October in 7 years. I have loved how beautiful everything looks in the evening sunshine, with the trees turning different shades of yellow, red, orange, brown and green with the warm sunlight shining through. ‘Home’ (not really home because I no longer live there) looks so beautiful this time of year.  I have been lucky enough to be able to make the most of these evenings by taking Rooney and Dougal out around the fields and it has been so lovely. I feel so much better for it, the views make me beyond grateful for what I have in my life, and how much better my horse and dog trotting along next to each other makes me feel. 


This is going to hurt – Adam Kay 

This week I read Adam Kay’s new release called This is going to hurt. I would recommend this book until the sun goes down and back again. I laughed so hard, cried a few times, found a whole new perspective of an NHS I already had a lot of respect for. I will add more about this book on my next book stack but I really do recommend anyone reading this to go onto Amazon and buy the book. It is only a couple of ££ but I will really do think it will be an eye-opener for you along with a very enjoyable (if not a little bit graphic) read. 

Madeleine Shaw – 7 days of yoga

One of my goals for October was to do more yoga at home, and do you know what guys? I actually have a goal that is going well. I never felt like I had the calm and tranquil space for yoga, but since the lounge has been done it definitely feels a lot nicer and I have put aside 30 minutes every morning, I have seen a massive difference in my energy and mood before and after yoga. I am not at the stage where I can just make up yoga routines on my own so after a little search on youtube, I started Madeleine Shaws 7 days of yoga. I have followed Madeleine on Instagram for years so I knew I would like her style and the mix up of routines each day. They are only 20/ 30 minutes long yet they still give me a good stretch and a more positive outlook on the day ahead.

Shopping Haul 

Who said buying things don’t make you happy? (I think I did last week) but that was when I was on some self-righteous path. This week I treated myself to a few more clothes (I know I will worry about the financial implications of this month when it comes to it). I purchased a few new things off Asos thanks to Kate La Vie’s Instagram stories and some new jeans from Topshop that I have wanted for ages (I just hope I like them when I arrive). I have a few new things for Autumn and it really does make me feel happier with how I look despite what people say. I will add new purchases to Instagram when they arrive so keep an eye out. 


Going down

Things in threes right?

It was just one of those weeks/ weekends. My boiler was not working for some unknown reason, which touch wood* today seems ok so I have cancelled the plumber call out in a bid to save me some pennies. Two fence panels on my side blew down, my car headlight went, the trainers I was so excited to buy are a no go, my bed I ordered from Made.com in July has been delayed and my personal life is an actual disaster. I am not the best at counting but that is way more than three. On a whole last week was a write off I would like to forget but you have to take the bad with the good and it is nothing that can’t be fixed, patched up or overcome.  I know many would dive for my problems over theirs so I do try to keep some perspective but I think it is also important to remember you can be upset over things happening to you. Just don’t let them become overwhelming. There is nothing in the list that is going to kill me unless my boiler starts leaking carbon monoxide (which would just be my luck) So I am just going to remember things pass and in a week or so all of these (but the bed which probably still won’t have arrived) will be long forgotten about. 

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