Weekly Round up

Happy Sunday, I have had such a lovely weekend. Yesteryday I rattled my way through so many jobs I had put off for a while and even baked a cake, it was such a great feeling to have done so much before my friends arrived and we turned my house upside down.
This week taught me I can overcome most feelings with copious chai lattes, Toblerone, my three little besties chatting away to me all day. Along with some great girls, a discount from Made with the delivery date moved forward and an irresponsible amount of spending on new furniture. My mood lifted. This week was not perfect but it was dramatically better than last. I am back to feeling like my happy, little optimistic self. Reassured that when you have that awful gut instinct that something is not right just go with it. I am yet to find a time it has not been right. 
High low podcast 
Sometimes things are recommended at just the right time and this podcast one of them. The High Low had sat it in my podcast list for a while without a play until Fliss gave it a good thumbs up. I started it from the beginning which is March 2017 and it is beyond great. I have learned so much, laughed so much and it has really lifted my mood. It also meant I didn’t need to talk to people at work when I wasn’t in the mood. I have been listening to so many podcasts of late but this is definitely one of the best pop culture podcasts I have listened to. So I thoroughly recommend. 
Friends who are there to chat 
I am such an introvert I like to process things on my own and ultimately enjoy my own company too much. However on Tuesday night one of my friends arrived for a very last minute stay which I didn’t realise how much I needed. We chatted for hours about everything and nothing, I cried a bit due to the amount of pressure I put on myself and gained a whole lot of perspective. I felt so much better by the morning. It was an evening I didn’t even know I needed and it was a good reminder to make sure I learn to speak to friends.  
Time with the girls 
I don’t believe in ‘best friends’ I have had many friends throughout my life (humble brag) and I would not rate any higher than another. They have all brought me happiness, joy and life lessons that I will always value. I will always appreciate every friend I have had equally. However when I get together with Pip, Fliss and Niece I feel a happiness and carefree feeling that no other group gives me. I am so appreciative of my life and always realise that I am actually doing an ok job of everything. On Saturday we got together, not always easy as Fliss lives in London. We non stop talked, laughed like I haven’t laughed since Ibiza, drank a horrid amount, caught up on all our news, picked at breakfast I was so excited to make before I realised how awful my hangover was before dropping Fliss off. The time went too fast, I wish I lived with them every day, I would never be sad.
House accessories 
The anticipation of my bed one day arriving has given me so much motivation to keep purchasing ‘bits’ for the house. Which I love, the small additions make such a difference. I picked up loads of the £1.99 succulent plant from Aldi which are so cute. I have bought myself some more new furniture for my bedroom. I have ordered new prints, lamps, photos. I can’t wait to see it all come together. I find it difficult to feel happy all the time in Autumn and Winter. I spend a lot of time at home and I wanted to make it a nice space to come home to. I have a few more purchases I want to make before Christmas, but of course, need to save some space for the tree.  
Finally sorting photos out 
And when I say sorting the 80 photos I needed to sort, I ordered even more from Snapfish. It is like the awful task of getting x-factor contestants from the first auditions to the live shows. So many photos are chosen in the beginning but as soon as I go to put them in an album I don’t like them enough. Unfortunately, if they haven’t made it to a frame or an album I have to leave them in the envelope. I must be the only millennial who still has printed photos in their envelope stuffed in a box. I haven’t made photo albums for such a long time but I love it. The first album is 1-2 photos from different places I have loved. It is a nice reminder looking back and reflecting on places I have been that have made me feel so happy. 

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