My Goal review – October

October has been my least favourite month of this year. Fact. Regardless of having so much dislike towards the current season I have tried to keep on top on my goals which have given me a focus on each day.  My posts sound as though I am going through a bereavement, I am not, thankfully! I am just very melodramatic I know, I can’t help it, I don’t like the transition from summer to winter. This month has shown me the importance of goals and just sticking at things you want to achieve. I am always surprised at how much I enjoy the goals I set because I am usually rattling around thinking of any goals I can use that month.  
Goal one – Practice Yoga at home at least once a week for 30 mins +
Why: I go to a yoga class every Wednesday at work which has been so beneficial. It has given me the confidence to know I can be good at yoga. You don’t need to start as a super strong, flexible human to be good at yoga you just need to turn up each week and try and it does then begin to get easier. It took a year for me to notice a real difference in how my yoga has improved. The one session soon didn’t feel enough, I loved how yoga left me feeling and I wanted that more often. Before I started the classes at work I wouldn’t have had the courage to start yoga at home. I wouldn’t have felt confident in the shapes I was making but now I do and I own a mat I knew I it would be achievable.  
How I did:  For once this is a goal I did well and will continue for as long as I can. I love yoga. I started my first class in November last year, I cannot believe how much better I am at it. Without those first classes at work, I would have never had the confidence to do yoga on my own at home. The sessions at home are helping me strengthen and improve my mindset. I have been using Madeline Shaw’s yoga videos on Youtube and I couldn’t recommend them more. Yoga is so much more than stretching and exercise, the way it clears my mind and helps my breathing is amazing.
How I feel: This has been up there with the cooking new recipes goal. I haven’t had the best month. I went through a rocky middle of the month and wanted to wallow in self-pity. Getting up each morning and starting the day with Madeline Shaw’s 7 days of yoga helped me so much. I instantly felt happier, stronger and fitter.  I am going to continue practising my yoga at home as I have noticed how much better I am each day. I never thought I would be someone who was really into yoga.  
Goal two – Start sorting out the utility as it will be the next room to renovate 
Why: At the moment the utility is a massive dumping ground. I use it as a room to hide everything when people are coming around and I want to make it into a nice space. It is a big area so will make a nice add on to the kitchen I just need to work out what to do with space. The rest of the house I had to rush into and in hindsight, I wish I had gone slower and thought about the space. Thought about where pipes and wires were and what could work best where. Unfortunately, I didn’t and this was my first house renovation with no DIY skills. I have the floor for the utility and I need to get it replastered I just need to decide what I want in there and work out where the washing machine, fridge and freezer can go whilst I do this.
How I did:  Ok so this got off to a good start but rapidly became boring. I think because I don’t have the funds or any real idea of what I want to do with the space the motivation has left. Writing this, however, has given me a good reminder of why I wanted to make a start on the space so I am going to put some more time aside to keep sorting it. Never the fun jobs but it will be worth it. 
How I feel: So very unmotivated by this goal, I feel like I need a DIY SOS team in because things need to go to the tip, other bits to the charity shop and so on. Some of Dougal’s stuff needs to go in the garage and then I need to sort out electrician, plasterer and carpenter and actually decide what I want to do in there. I know I will get around to it. I never thought my kitchen or floor in the living room would ever be finished which it is, so small steps. 
Goal Three – To plan when to holiday I need to use so I have a bit of time off (Doesn’t need to be in October) 
Why: I realised this month I really needed some time away from work. I was feeling sad all the time and withdrawing myself from people in the office and keeping my headphones in as long as I could. I took a day off to spend with my Sister and Nephew and planned some other days to use before Christmas. The girls and I are hoping to book a quick break to Amsterdam in January so I am going to save some holiday for that too. I have realised how much I needed a break from work and routine and to enjoy myself a little more.
How I did:  There is room for expansion on this goal. I did take some time off in October and I have booked some time off in November but I am always conscious of just wasting my time. If I am not going somewhere or spending it with people I feel I may as well be in work. I am going to save 4/5 days of this years holiday for Amsterdam in January. I will hopefully take a few days off in December to decorate the house and get all festive etc. Next year, however, I am going to make an effort to plan how I use my holiday better. I don’t want to be left feeling guilty for not making the most of holidays or on the flip side left feeling burnt out. 
How I feel: If I am honest like I need a months holiday to Bali so if anyone would like to fund this for me or just be a travel buddy that would be just lovely.

Goals for November (argh)

Teeth whitening – Because I have had this since May and I still haven’t done it 

To get my bedroom refurb finished – Because I have been so excited and spent so much money on furniture I need to make it worth it

To make the most of the last two months of 2018 – Because October has been shit and I don’t want the end of 2018 to be a massive anti-climax 



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