My weekly round up

I didn’t post a weekly roundup last week, despite a lovely week and one of my favourite weekends I just fancied a bit of time away from it all. The weekend I spent super chilled, seeing friends, long lazy Saturday morning on the sofa doing Todhpurs work, drinking tea and eating Toblerone. It rained all day, I spent time pampering the horse and then went to my Mums lit the fire, read my book, got us all fish and chips and just felt so relaxed. Sunday was bright sunshine so I went riding followed by a roast dinner with the family, it was that idyllic wintery weekend I needed to just get some gumption back for the week ahead and I really feel it has put me in better stead to deal with the darkness which greeted us all leaving the office on Monday evening. 

This week I feel back to the old me, my gym routine is back, I got up and went spinning, yoga is featuring in my routine every day and I am actually cooking properly again. There is nothing more important than looking after yourself because it really does change your mood. This weekend my lovely friend Fliss is off doing another extreme charity event to raise money for a homeless charity in London. This is following her amazing London Marathon result in April, I wish I was half the person she is, it has really encouraged me to start doing more for other people. Fliss has a ‘just giving’ page so if you wouldn’t mind sparing her a pound or two I know she would be so grateful. I don’t know about you but I am already in all my winter layers, my heating is on and the electric blanket is on my bed so I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to sleep rough throughout the winter. I am so proud of her efforts.  


Going up

Pumpkin picking with the family

I did a lot last week that I won’t cover but one of my favourite days was a visit over to Cattow’s farm with my older sister and my Nephew to pick some pumpkins. I did manage to take some Todhpurs photos as well whilst we were there for some autumn promotions so it wasn’t all for fun. The weather was perfect, bright blue skies with the sun basking down and despite George being in a horrible mood on the way there he really cheered up running across the field picking up as many pumpkins as he could. We went to Cattow’s farm last year and I fell in love with the concept and they have improved it even further this year. I fully recommend you add it to your October to do list next year whether you have small children in the family or just fancy and autumnal day out. 

Bohemian Rhapsody at Cinema 

This film! You would have to hate Freddie Mercury or Queen to not love this film! I went on Tuesday night (meerkat night) to the showcase in Coventry because quite frankly it is the best cinema there is. It is not expensive, the food and drink selection is so good and every seat in each screen is a big leather recliner and oh my god it is the most immersive, comfortable cinema experience there ever has been. The film was so beautifully made, a few tweaks were made to make the story flow but it was packed full of the greatest hits of Queen. The story followed the band forming in their uni days all the way until their 1985 live aid performance. I soaked up every second of this film, the love and the talent filled the whole cinema, every song still gave me goosebumps. I hope you all love this film as much as I did because it was one of those films I am so grateful I watched in the cinema.  

New Bedroom furniture finally arrived!

I promise I am going to stop mentioning my bedroom and the new furniture because it is probably getting a little strange I am sharing so much of my bedroom with you all but when I purchased my bed from back in July I didn’t anticipate the wait would be quite this long, therefore prolonging the excitement of my bedroom refurbishment. I could not wait to have a room which feels mine and complete. I am going to pick up a framed print from Desino, and there are a few more additions I want to make but for now, I am going to just enjoy my massive new bed and little bedside table. I am already excited for long lazy mornings reading my books and sipping on tea before having to get up.  

Hold App 

I came across this app on The High Low podcast this week and honestly, it was the app I was looking for. Hold app rewards you with points for putting your phone on hold for at least 20 minutes. These points can be spent on cinema tickets or coffee, food and so many more benefits but what I love most the points can be donated towards charities included on the scheme. I have been trying to find an app (ironically) to keep me off my phone for such a long time. I tried those which scared you by notifying users how many times your phone was touched. The first time I tried this I was left horrified and instantly deleted it. Then there is the Seed app which if you leave your phone long enough the little seed will grow into a tree which is a lovely idea but you have to pay for the app and also a tree on my phone screen wasn’t much of a reward for me. So when I finally heard about this app I knew I had found the one. I know I need something to stop me scrolling social media, replying instantly on Whats app and checking apps, so if you are like me I really recommend trying it out.  


Going down

It definitely is beginning to look like Christmas (despite only just having Halloween)

I think I take a little while longer to climatise to winter than others do. The frosty mornings have looked beautiful this week, and I don’t mind wrapping up in layers before work but I am not quite ready to accept winter is really here. We are in November and whether I am ready for it or not the Christmas countdown is about to begin. I still feel as though June was a few weeks ago and here we are greeted with dark mornings, dark nights and leaving the house looking like a weeble wooble. Is it bad I am already excited about the clocks going forward, being able to walk outside barefoot and the sun on my skin? I don’t know if I need to leave the country. 

Mean guys on dating apps

I have decided to delete all dating apps, (except hinge, I am not perfect) because on Wednesday I woke up to a message from a guy on Bumble saying “don’t say hi and not talk you dumb twat”. I am fairly thick skinned, so I laughed and screenshotted it to my friends. However anyone feeling more fragile about themselves at the time could have been really upset about such a thoughtless and stupid message. I realised how much I hate these apps, how I hate conversations with strangers and how you are solely judging each other on looks and evidently it does not give you a well rounded view of who these people are. I know this guy is the exception and not the rule but does anyone else feel as though apps have had their day?  

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