My weekly round up

Good morning sunday. I had hoped to spend this weekend rewatching all 6 series of girls but I can’t find it on any of the apps. I didn’t try Now Tv however, so if anyone reading this is aware of it on there please let a girl know. Instead I spent a lot of it under blankets rewatching Killing Eve.

This week was the week I caught up with all 78 ish episodes of the High Low podcast. Rather excesive I agree, however Dolly and Pandora have been a consistent voice of reassurance over the last month. They have distracted me from worries I had no control over. They have filled my amazon basket with endless books, widend my reading and knowledge on many topics and given me new podcasts to get stuck into. They have also convinced me to get a subcribtion to The Times online, order the google pixel 3 and helped restore myself. I perhaps don’t recommend immersing yourself in the podcast quite as extremly as I did but I do recommend you add it to you’re weekly podcast list because it is is brilliant.  

These weeks are flying by, I am really struggling to find the time to fit everything I love in, hence writing this at 9 pm on a Friday night with Dougal curled up next to me. This is my weekly round up. 

Going up 
Another coffee catch up 

I know I mention my morning coffee catch-ups quite frequently but I love my morning chats with Lauren. My office informed us it would not be opening until 9 on Tuesday so we met at our usual time of 07:30 grabbed a couple of skinny Chai Lattes and put the world to rights. I was completly lost in conversation about topical current affairs *cough* boys when I checked the time it was 8:59, resulting in the fastest dash through town I have ever made. I left feeling so uplifted. I have said it before but catching up with a friend and offloading your problems and concerns before you do anything else gives you a massive dose of perspective. 


Thursday night was Sushi night.  My housemate, my sister and I headed to Loughborough for Sushi. Leicester somehow has missed out on the sushi trend. We have one Yo Sushi and one AMAZING sushi take away but that is it so we decided to mooch on over to the Basin in Loughborough to see what it was like.  The food was delicious, we had the best prawn toast I have ever tried. The restaurant was informal/ studenty in there with a similar set up to wagamamas but we ordered so much food and cocktails which only came to £25 each. The restaurant was full but the service was still very attentive, I would happily return, sushi anyone? The food was good but the company was even better, my housemate makes me laugh so bloody much and obviously my sister is pretty wonderful company. It was a rather impromptu meal out but it was an evening I needed.  


Saturday afternoon my older sister and I took my Nephew to see The Grinch at the cinema. I have never seen the original Grinch (I know shoot me now) but I know the Dr Seuss story of the Grinch. This film did not disappoint it is such a wonderful story. Even though the movie is a family favourite the message is so important. It is easy for many of us to love Christmas, it really is a wonderful time of year for many but not all. Christmas for others can be a time which heightens grief and loneliness, missing and longing and I think it is so important we all remember this. Whilst it is nice to celebrate Christmas try to think and include others where you can, and don’t try to push it or involve others in celebrations too early. You perhaps are not aware of what Christmas can trigger in other people and despite the other wonderful lessons this story tells you they portray this so well. I would recommend seeing it at any age.

Some new home additions 

I take back what I said last week about no longer talking about my bedroom. I am going to continue. This week a few new items arrived, first was my candle from Flamingo candles. Oh good god, this is the best smelling candle I have ever bought. I love the design and 20% of the profits go to the pink ribbon foundation for breast cancer so if you want a super cute candle that smells better than rainbows, puppies, unicorns and dreams altogether this is the one. The second item was a new poster from Desino. I buy a lot of prints from Desino which are so affordable and an easy way to fill the house with some art pieces. This poster has been Instagrammed quite heavily but I have loved it for so long so decided to purchase it and I am really happy with the combination. 

Going down
House admin

What age are you supposed to be when you stop asking your parents to do life admin for you? Asking for a friend. I have mastered the art of doctor and dentist appointments. I know how to pay my bills and enter my metre readings but my utility bills has risen and good God I have no idea what I am looking for when to change. I have had to rope my Dad in to do it for me and in response to feeling like an inadequate adult I hung a picture in my room on my own to try and make up for it.

Missing out on tickets 

This week I missed out on tickets to two live shows I wanted to see just because in true Jade style I put off buying them. The first was Dolly Alderton’s live reading in London in February. I am worried that will be the last of the readings as the book came out in January and the second was Letters Live Christmas edition. A live reading of letters by famous performers. I keep missing Letters Live so if anyone hears of tickets to either please throw them this way. 


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