My Weekly Round up

I missed last week’s round up due to a chaotic week at work as we approached our AGM. The days were long, my sleep was sparse and I didn’t even think of my blog. Instead this week I have amalgamated the two to share some of my highs and lows of the past few weeks. This week winter finally hit us didn’t it? Despite freezing on my walk to work I do love the crisp winter mornings. The joy we get from early winter before the long, dank, colourless days become frequent and lose their appeal. I had Friday off work this week, after a busy few weeks I made myself have a chilled morning at home, long brunch with yoga, blankets, films and a bit of work on the sofa and it was lovely. I have also been working at Winstanley House hotel in Leicester a few weekends to cover Christmas staff. The hours are long, I worked last night and my feet are killing me and I am back there today but my sisters have been with me, we laugh, we meet some great people, we are fed the most amazing food and more importantly we are paid so well which will keep me happy this Christmas. I am also off to York with work tomorrow so if someone finds me asleep on a train heading towards Glasgow please wake me up! 

Going up 

Joint workouts 

I have always avoided joint workouts or anything social at the gym. I always enjoyed popping my headphones in and just having time to myself. My friend Becky kept asking to meet at the gym and trying to persuade me to do joint workouts which I was upfront and honest about and told her truthfully I would avoid at all costs. That was until one day we accidentally fell into a joint work out routine, this happened a few more times. I found I worked harder, didn’t keep tabs on how long I had been at the gym, I wasn’t desperate to get away and laughed so much. It has changed my views on how my workouts need to be and also be a great way to spend time with a friend. 

Google Pixel 3

Last week as you may all be aware I upgraded my phone contract and handset to the newly released Google Pixel 3. This phone has exceeded expectations. It is light, beautiful, in a light pink with a wrap around screen apart from the top and the bottom. I chose pixel 3 as my friend Fliss and my Dad both had Google pixel 2 and raved about it. My Dad and I discuss regularly the developments in Ai technology and the Google products on the market and the camera on this phone is amazing. I was still toying with the idea of buying an Olympus pen to have for city breaks but since buying this phone I haven’t reached for my SLR once. I cannot believe the quality. It is taking some getting use to, I have owned iPhones for 8 years now so there are some changes such as screenshotting and not sending group SMS when I want to text one person I need to get my head around but as a whole I honestly haven’t ever been this impressed with a piece of technology before. Not my Mac, iPhone or Ipad so it is saying something. 

I always wanted a fresh start with this phone so I turned all my notifications off so I can only see if I have messages and emails etc when I have time. I no longer mindlessly press the home button because I know it won’t show me anything and it really has already help detach myself from pointless touching of my phone which I really needed. I have also kept my old iPhone 7 for all my Todhpurs work so finally I have things separated and don’t feel so stressed with things to do on it all day long. Anyone looking to upgrade their phone and is too tired of iPhone weakening the quality of handsets before you are finished with them, I couldn’t recommend this phone more. 

King Richard the Third Pub- Leicester

On Saturday we booked to go to a fairly new (in the last few years, so not new) pubs in Leicester. We needed somewhere which was open early, in the centre of Leicester which wasn’t a chain. After a Google, I remembered this pub and how I had wanted to try it a year or so ago. The owner I have been told is the same or connected to the infamous Crafty Burger in St Martin’s Square. I am not sure if there is any truth if that but they did have some similar features. King Richard the Third (the pub not the guy) is a small pub in the centre of town serving local and traditional food. The menu was small but offered plenty of variety and choice, we had trouble choosing the dishes we wanted. I went for Onion soup, a favourite starter of mine, which arrived served with the tastiest, cheese-covered crouton. I would happily go back just for the soup. For mains I had the chicken Kiev and chips, I was stuck between this and the fish and chips but I think I made the right choice as the portions were very generous accompanied with a bramble gin cocktail which was delicious. The pub was so spacious we weren’t crammed in, it was quiet so we could chat and laugh at copious retellings of stories and the food and service were great. I am so pleased we stumbled on booking this restaurant, I will definitely return. 

Black Friday day off 

Other than lying by a pool with a mojito in hand is there a nicer way to spend a day off than covered under a blanket with yummy festive food, Paypal ready to go, commencing Black Friday shopping from the comfort of your own home? No I don’t think there is! I made a start on my shopping which was a big relief, bought a fair few items for myself, saved with some great deals, watched films before going riding with my friends. I may not get to travel as often as I want to but having so much holiday does mean I get a lot of days to chill and enjoy the festive period.

Going Down


Paying full price for books 

I nipped up to the Charity book shop on Tuesday to have a look at what they had in. I was shocked to see how many of the books I had just purchased and read were already in there. Books such as The Cows, This is going to hurt, Little fires everywhere, Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine were already in there for £1. I totted up how much I had spent on buying these books new and it amounted to around £40 and I had only just finished some of them! I picked another book called The Muse by Jessie Burton and vowed to make a weekly effort to nip in there to look for books I want instead of buying them off Amazon. The money also goes to charity, so not only am I saving I am doing good by it too. 

Impulse Black Friday purchases

Did anyone else find these impossibly hard to avoid? On Friday I was aiming to complete all my Christmas shopping instead I bought myself new cosmetics, new clothes and new Christmas decorations. Saving myself absolutely nothing because I hadn’t any inclination to buy those purchases initially. Nonetheless, I cannot wait for them to all arrive this week!

Burning the wick at both ends

Writing this, just before I  head out the door to ride my horse and walk the dog before starting another 10- hour shift I feel as though I am burning myself a little too much. I have one massive week and then I am going to start unwinding for Christmas. I have a festive month packed with trips away, friends and family, I know putting the hours in now will really pay off. 


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