Poem – Four

This all started because my younger sister is so good at writing poetry. Poetry is something I have always been excruciatingly terrible at (unless you want to count one awful poem written age 7 which landed published in a book). In an effort to try something new, to be a little more creative for the last few days I have been scribbling down lyrical verses, none of which made much sense. Many seemed to be about my dog. By 28 I hoped I would be a little more ambitious with my characters. The poems were pitiful, sad and not in the least bit inspiring so I decided to write about the one thing which makes me feel the polar opposite of those three things. My group of four. Perfectly timed as we are spending the weekend together in Birmingham and have arranged our January trip to Amsterdam. This is my ODE to my Easy, Breezy, beautiful girls*.. 



My morning is long
I’m working alone 
I feel anxious, on edge 
I pick up my phone

Straight to the group 
Filled with jokes and laughter 
A flurry of exchanges 
I’m smiling after

We are four girls 
Entwined together 
A friendship, a family 
Memories forever 

We fly to new cities 
Visit foreign places 
Get chatting to strangers 
Kiss new faces 

Side splitting laughter 
Sliders in the pool 
Jokes on each other 
Mainly one takes it all 

Our group is unusual
Often misunderstood
but if I could spend every minute
With these three I would 

Because they are three women 
Compassionate and Real
No pretend graces
Life is hard, that’s the deal 

For these are my three 
The ones I call home
Who make me less lonely
When I pick up my phone 








*This is a first so be nice if you can, also I am sorry I can only rhyme four letter words. My mind draws a blank when I try to extend my vocabulary. I pretend its saving space for better things

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