Poem – I’m not talking about them

A jovial poem for all of us who will have to endure the ‘boyfriend’ question from relatives this Christmas.

I’m not talking about them.

I am not fazed about marriage
I don’t feel the pressure
stop asking me your questions
my responses will not measure

Yes I do have someone
it’s not a new information
but no it’s not a specific guy
stop putting me in this situation

I may be ‘getting on’
with myself I certainly am
but no I don’t need your stress
about when I’ll find a man

Ask me about love
and I can talk to you all day
but does it have to be about men
is this all you have to say?

Ask me about my work
what gets me out of bed
ask me about my passions
the ideas bubbling in my head

Ask me about my friends
the ones I always see
ask me about my hobbies
the things which make me, me

Ask me about my sisters
the ones who keep me together
or even about the house
the one I saved for forever

Ask me my hopes and dreams
or what I want from life
I see success and happiness
but that isn’t as a wife

I want to read every book
travel the world from end to end
so why are you still asking me
If I have a boyfriend?

I find it so tedious
when there is so much to discuss
I think life is too short
to focus on just one type of love.

So I’m no longer talking about men
they are talked about enough
this is no longer social norm
forget this archaic, trivial stuff.

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