Poem – Instagram responsibly this Christmas


Instagram responsibly this Christmas

I scroll, I press
I repeat and refresh

Mindless absorbing
masses conforming

Faces blurring
features merging

Insecurities banished
the ‘natural’ look vanished

#goals in the morning
uploaded onto stories

Yes ‘Tis the season
to brag with no reason

Parties and debauchery
upload new bag from Mulberry

Life looks fucking great
but make no mistake

We can all feel alone
when it’s just us and our phone

We know it’s a showreel
about the good times and our best meal

but who is really benefiting
from all this bullshitting?

So when you upload on the morning
to tell your story

Think of who are you supporting
with all this festive reporting

Are you being truthful
By making Christmas look so fruitful?

Aware someone is comparing
to the good life you are sharing

Feeling under pressure
that their life will not measure

Would you brag this way face to face?
No, probably not. I rest my case.

The app we all love to hate, yet it is where I spend 90% of my day regardless of how it makes me feel. Even the photo above, the perfect festive set up was one of about 15 taken. If you look closely you can see in the middle of the screen the film was actually buffering. I wasn’t even watching it. I was sitting there waiting. You have to remember to look closely at situations and to take social media for what it is over the holidays, a showreel. For anyone feeling lonely this holiday. Always remember you are not alone. Whilst social media does a wonderful job at connecting us across the Globe the comparisons can often be crippling, so use this downtime to spend time with those you love or care for.

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