December Round up

I have been so busy lately my round up posts soon fell on the wayside. I didn’t have time to write them and I wasn’t sure what I was writing them for. I always found these posts the most cathartic of all but also rather hedonistic of me to think readers cared enough to know the highs and lows of my weekly activity. During the Christmas holidays I was planning to give the posts a bit of my time and figure out how I could improve them, not only so I enjoyed writing them again but also so they served more of a purpose.  That change will hopefully come in the new year and whilst it won’t change the format too much, there still will be the up and down sections I want to focus on wider matters and important elements that impact my week and not just where I have been eating. However, this week I have come down with the dreaded cough and cold everyone has had. I would have preferred the sickness bug if I had to have one, just to keep me off the mince pies for 24 hours, but no I landed the one which stops me from sleeping.  The lack of sleep has resulted in me visiting my blog and retrospectively reviewing my posts from 2018. Not in a self absorbed, I can’t sleep so I will read about myself sort of way, but in a way to boost my outlook on how much can happen in a year. I have in theory created an online diary, documenting the good and the bad of each week, which I have loved going back over and reading. It has reminded me of some amazing times I quickly forgot about in a bid to secure new, exciting plans. I then realised by missing out all these posts in December I won’t have these memories to look back on so instead I have grouped together my highs and lows of December in one post. 

Going up 

Years and Years in Birmingham – Technically started in November and finished in December but it is getting a mention. On November 30th I, my group of four and my favourite couple Bob and Chris went to see Years and Years in Birmingham followed by drinks out after. I laughed endlessly, danced at every opportunity and just loved every second of it. It was the perfect way to start December. Waking up in an apartment with my girls laughing at how awful we all felt. We were able to spend time with Fliss, do a bit of shopping in Birmingham on the Saturday before grabbing a Byron Burger and heading home. 

Breakfast with Santa – Sunday 2nd December as a family we went to Winstanley House for Breakfast with Santa. I took my Cousin’s daughter with my nephew and older sister and the rest of the family met us there. It was lovely to spend time with my cousin’s daughter, she makes me laugh and is so well behaved. Having smaller children in the family, really brings magic back to Christmas. I am no longer a massive fan of the holiday but seeing them so excited and mesmerised by Santa, makes it all feel more worthwhile. 

Day trip to Bristol – It the midst of a very busy month, and the busiest week three of my friends and I managed to squeeze in a trip to Bristol. Three of us travelled down from Leicester together and the other caught a train up from Cornwall to meet somewhat in the middle. I have not spent much time in Bristol, so it was lovely to see new parts of the city and catch up with girls I have not been able to see enough of lately. 

December Birthdays- You would think with the expense of Christmas, December birthdays would not exist but unfortunately present buying continues during the harshest of times. It does however mean we have an excuse to arrange social occasions that have no association with Christmas, which I can do. Early December I went to London for Lauren’s birthday. We booked a bottomless lunch at 100 Wardour street in Soho. A must if you like bottomless brunches or being in a club environment at 2pm. The darkness, music and lack of windows left me all out of sorts when it came to timing, it felt so strange being drunk in a dark room at 2pm, it was like an Ibiza experience in the winter. I had the best time there and would definitely go back. After drinks another bar, where we somehow managed to pass 5 hours and I remember 2 conversations I went to stay with my friend Fliss. Waking with the worst hangover, taking a ropey tube back to Euston to head home for mine and my housemates festive buffet. Last weekend Pip and I also made a trip down to Bedford to celebrate a very laid back approach to Beth’s 30th. They had booked a table at their local pub for people to pop by, order food and celebrate with them. It was a informal affair, perfect for a cold Sunday afternoon. It was lovely to catch up with them both and wish Beth a happy birthday.  

The Ivy with the family – It is an annual tradition for my Dad, I and my sisters to go to London one Saturday in December. It is always labelled as emergency shopping but we usually book a nice restaurant, meet up with family if we can and occasionally see a show if there is something worth seeing. In recent years it was becoming difficult to find different things to do in London so we thought this year to make life easier and to let us all have some Saturday morning rest we would head to Birmingham instead. We still got the train as Dad was keen on making it a drinking occasion. We started with a trip to an old Worldly pub. I don’t know if these are a tradition now because Dad knows I hate them or whether he just loves them too much. It was rammed but festive. We then moved on to the new Ivy restaurant on Temple Road. I visited the Ivy back in August, and our return trip did not disappoint. The cocktails were fantastic, as was the food and the service. The menu has plenty of choice, we were seated on a nice round table near the window and lost nearly four hours eating delicious food chatting about everything. Lastly we moved to the Botanist for another drink as the Alchemist was full before some last minute present buying and a late train home. I am pleased we have kept the tradition going, even if it had a little twist. 

Christmas Party at Winstanley House – I don’t know how a family Christmas party became a thing, but it did a few years ago. We always get a few tables together of anyone who wants to join and head over to Leicester. In previous years we have had them at the City rooms but since their sister Hotel Winstanley House opened we have held the last two there. It was a messy affair, funded kindly by mainly my Mum, with delicious food, a lot of prosecco and dancing. The night was topped off with a massive group rendition of Proud Mary, which is all I need for a night to be made. 

New Piggy arrival – I just love them so much already. Pop and Stardust (if you don’t get it I am not sure we are friends) joined the farm this month. After we sadly lost penny our pet pig in November the farm had just not felt the same without her, so we purchased two new piglets to join the farm. They are both Kune Kune females, super cute, friendly and greedy. I can’t get enough of how adorable and cuddly they are.


Going Down

Pressure to be that perfect ‘woke’ female millennial – I hate the word woke but it is here anyway. I have noticed this a lot lately, whilst we are taking massive steps to bring down perfectionism in terms of appearance, encouraging women to embrace what they were born with and to be proud of it. I feel we have moved towards a new type of female perfectionism and that is to be the perfect woke millennial female. The type of women who is read up, cultural and politically aware, with strong opinions of her own whilst considerate of others. To be active in fighting the cause of feminism and racism etc etc. Whilst I am 100% behind all of this, it can often feel as though we are not doing nothing, and by not doing enough, failing at being the type of perfect women society is now looking for. Does anyone else feel like this or is it just melodramatic me? Update – since writing this post, I was quoted in Emma Gannon’s piece in Elle. Have a read here, where she addresses the point more coherently than I do. 

My shower breaking – The shower I had put in three years ago has always been a bit of a problem. It never gets cold. In the past this has been ok, until recently when it started to pour scolding and I mean scolding hot water. I finally gave up and had a new shower fitted, after being told the shower was the problem. The new one was finally fitted on Wednesday. After three weeks of baths or showers at other people’s houses, you can imagine my excitement of finally being able to shower at home and then my absolute fall from grace when I stepped in it only to find the same problem was still happening. I hate being an adult. Update – For all concerned I now have a working shower. Who said Christmas miracles don’t exist? 

Festive Lifestyle catching up – It comes as a surprise to me every single year, that constant nights out, drinking, daily meals out, chocolate all day, no gym and lack of sleep means eventually the office sickness bug will catch up with me, and it will be the few days before Christmas. I feel like poop and will as always be spending my Christmas holidays catching up on sleep. 



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